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    France ‘Yellow Vests’ protests

    Fear and Loathing: Violent 'Yellow Vests' Protests Rock Paris for 3rd Weekend

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    The protests staged by the so-called "Yellow Vests" movement in France have entered its third week as the government has been reluctant to meet the demands to lower fuel prices.

    About 6,000 police officers are due to ensure public order during the so-called yellow vest protests in Paris against the fuel prices rise, named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers.

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    Protests against raising taxes on fuel in France began in mid-November. Participants of the demonstrations call themselves "Yellow Vests" — they put on reflective capes for motorists.

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      Over 100 People Injured During 'Yellow Vests' Protests in Paris, Interior Minister Says

    • 22:29

      France's President Emmanuel Macron Condemns Violence in Paris

      French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the violence during protests in his country, saying that nothing can justify it.

      "No cause justifies that security forces are attacked, shops pillaged, public or private buildings set on fire, pedestrians or journalists threatened or that the Arc de Triomphe is sullied," Macron said at a press conference in Buenos Aires.

    • 22:02

      Total of 12 RT Journalists Injured During Protests in France – Editor-in-Chief

      "The protests in France have already left 12 our employees injured with rubber bullets, stones, tear gas," RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan posted on her Telegram channel.

    • 21:57

      Protests Turn Violent: 92 Injured, Over 260 Detained - Reports

      According to the latest data from BFMTV, at least 92 people were injured as a result of violence that erupted amid protests, including 20 policemen.

      The broadcaster reported about 263 people detained, some 200 of them in custody.

    • 21:00

      France's Deputy Interior Minister: 'Security Forces Are Facing Extremely Violent Radical Groups'

      According to France's Deputy Interior Minister Laurent Nunez, law enforcement was facing difficulties while trying to restore order in Paris:

      "Security forces are facing extremely violent radical groups that are targeting institutions .. who are equipped, masked and are preventing security forces moving forward," Nunez told BFM television.

    • 20:58

      VIDEO From Area Around Arc de Triomphe Amid Protests

    • 20:56

      Number of Detained Protesters Climbs to 224

    • 20:49

      WATCH Protester Crashing Police Car

    • 20:29

      Horrifying Scenes From All Around Paris Appear on Social Media

    • 20:22

      WATCH LIVE: Clashes, Fire, Burning Cars and Smoke as Protests Turn Violent in Paris

    • 19:50

      Number of Injured in 'Yellow Vests' Protests in Paris Up to 80 People, Over 200 Arrested

      The number of injured in the so-called yellow vests protests against fuel prices rise, which are currently underway in the French capital, has climbed to 80 people, BFMTV reported, citing police. This number includes 14 police officers, the BFMTV broadcaster specified.

      At least 205 people have been detained in Paris during the protests, according to the broadcaster. The channel also reported that over 10 cars were burnt by protesters in Paris.

    • 19:44

      At Least 19 Metro Stations Closed Amid Ongoing Unrest in Paris - Reports

      Some 19 metro stations in Paris, including Etoile, at the top of the Champs Elysee boulevard, Opera and Bastille are shut due to the ongoing unrest.

    • 19:42

      Protesters Have Reportedly Stolen Assault Rifle From Police Vehicle

      Yellow Vests protests in Paris on December 1, 2018

      Protesters Steal Assault Rifle From Police Amid Mayhem in Paris - Report

      The weapon was reportedly obtained by the protesters after they ransacked a police car in central Paris, according to police union officials.
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    • 19:35

      Barricades Near Olympia and on Streets of Anjo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

      Yellow vests protests in Paris, December 1, 2018.
      © Sputnik /
      Yellow vests protests in Paris, December 1, 2018.
      © Sputnik /
    • 19:20

      Fire, Smoke and Chaos: VIDEO of Paris Reminds War Scenes

    • 19:18

      Firemen Combat Fire of in Building Near Champs Elysee, Several Other Buildings Might Catch Fire - Reports

      Yellow vests protests in Paris, December 1, 2018.

      'Yellow Vests' Protestors Set Building on Fire Near Champs Elysees (VIDEO)

      The incident comes amid ongoing protests against raising taxes on fuel in the French capital where, currently, approximately 6,000 police officers have been called in to ensure public order.
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    • 19:12

      Galeries Lafayette, Other Department Stores Reportedly Evacuated Amid Raging Protests

    • 19:02

      Burning Cars Around and in Tuileries Garden

      Yellow vests protests in Paris, December 1, 2018.
      © Sputnik /
    • 18:57

      Main Roads Blocked in Paris - Reports

      A Radio France correspondent reported that the main roads are blocked by police, the centre looks like a war zone.

    • 18:49

      Former French President François Hollande Condemns Violence in Paris

      "The violent acts that occurred in Paris today are unacceptable, intolerable, unspeakable. They must be strongly condemned. They can find no justification and seriously alter the image of our country," he stated.

    • 18:44

      WATCH Tensions at Rue de Rivoli: Police Disperse Protesters With Water Cannons

    • 17:55

      65 People Including 11 Police Officers Injured in Violent Paris Protests - Police

      65 people including 11 police officers were injured in violent protests in Paris; 140 have been arrested, police reported.

    • 17:44

      Yellow Vest Protests Continue in Paris

    • 16:10

      Thirty Yellow Vest Protesters Break Into Nantes Airport

      The incident occurred around 11:45 am, when protesters broke a fence to enter the airport. They stayed about ten minutes before being evacuated by airport security staff. There was no impact on air traffic.

    • 16:01
      Yellow vests mass protests against the rise in fuel prices in the French capital of Paris

      Over 100 People Detained During 'Yellow Vests' Protests in Paris - French PM

      MOSCOW/PARIS (Sputnik) - Over 100 people have been detained in the French capital on Saturday during the so-called yellow vests protests against rising fuel prices, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said.
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    • 15:47

      Number of Victims During Protests in Paris Increase to 20 People

      The number of injured during the protest against the increase in petrol prices in Paris has increased to 20 people, including six police officers, TV channel CNews reports.

    • 15:29

      Hundreds of Yellow Vest Demonstrators Block Nice's Airport Terminals

    • 15:13

      At Least 107 Arrests in Paris Protests - Prime Minister

      Over 100 people have been detained in the French capital on Saturday during the so-called yellow vests protests against rising fuel prices, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said.

      "We have made up to 107 detentions," Philippe said, as broadcast by local BFMTV broadcaster.

      The prime minister called on the protesters to put the rally back to peaceful track.


    • 15:00

      French Protesters Sing Anthem at Arc de Triomphe

    • 14:50

      Police Use Tear Gas and Water Cannons Against Protesters in Paris

      French police have repeatedly used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators in Paris, who are accused of attempting to disrupt public order in the vicinity of the Arc de Triomphe.

    • 14:11

      Paris Police Detain 60 'Yellow Vest' Protests Participants - Reports

      French police on Saturday detained 60 participants of the so-called yellow vest protests in Paris against the fuel prices increase, the LCI broadcaster reported, citing police data.

      According to the broadcaster, the police check identity documents and bags at the entrance to the scene of the protests.


    • 13:37

      RT France Correspondent Injured in Paris Riot Cop Crackdown

      Correspondent of RT France broadcaster Lucas Leger said on Saturday that he was injured in Paris during attempts by French police to disperse participants of the so-called yellow vest protests against the increase in fuel prices.

      "I was injured by a police shot," Leger said on Twitter, posting a photo of his face with a wound on his cheek.

      RT France Director Xenia Fedorova said the journalist was receiving necessary medical assistance.

      According to Fedorova, two RT France journalists were injured.

      "This morning, two RT France journalists were injured by a police tear grenade, and by a Flash-ball non-lethal pistol on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Lucas Leger has sustained a jaw injury, he is currently in hospital. We have managed to talk to him, and he has assured us that his state was stable. Our shooting teams are showing bravery and high professionalism," Fedorova said in a statement published on the RT official website.

    • 13:31

      '1,500 Agitators' Among Protesters in Paris - French Interior Minister

    • 12:55

      24 Arrested in Clashes With Police During ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests in Paris

      Two dozen alleged "Yellow Vests" protesters have been arrested so far in Paris amid an ongoing protest, according to local police.

      "We're worried that small groups of rioters that aren't yellow vests will infiltrate (Saturday's demonstration) to fight security forces and challenge the authority of the state," Denis Jacob, Secretary General of the Alternative Police union said.

    • 12:37

      Police Uses Water Cannons to Disperse Protesters

    • 12:05

      Live Broadcast From the Arc de Triomphe as Protest Violence Increases

    • 11:29

      Paris Police Arrest Two People for Illegally Weapons Possession

      Paris law enforcement officers have two people in custody who were caught carrying banned weapons, BFMTV cited metropolitan police as saying.

    • 11:15

      French Interior Minister Arrives at Champs Elysees as Protests Continue

      French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner arrived on the Champs Elysees to support Paris riot police who are setting up barriers in anticipation of the upcoming "Yellow Vests" movement protests, according to media reports.

      Yellow Vests movement protests
      © Sputnik /
    • 11:09

      French Police Use Tear Gas Against 'Yellow Vests' Protesters at Paris Rally

      Yellow Vests movement protests
      © Sputnik /
    • 11:08

      Smoke Grenades Used During 'Yellow Vests' Protests in France

    • 11:08

      Seven Subway Stations Closed in Paris Amid "Yellow Vests" Protests

      Seven subway stations in central Paris were closed on Saturday due to ongoing "Yellow Vests" protests staged by motorists opposed to rising fuel prices, according to the website of the Paris Transport Authority (RATP).

    Fear and Loathing: Violent 'Yellow Vests' Protests Rock Paris for 3rd Weekend


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