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    A still image from a video footage shows Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaking during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, in central London, Britain November 14, 2018

    LIVE UPDATES: UK PM May Holding Special Cabinet Meeting to Discuss Brexit Deal

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    Members of the Cabinet of the United Kingdom are attending a special meeting, hosted by UK Prime Minister Theresa May in London to discuss the draft deal was agreed upon between the United Kingdom and the European Union negotiators.

    May still needs to convince her ministers and the parliament to go along with her vision of the deal for Brexit, due next March, despite the outstanding issues in talks with Brussels, notably over the Irish border.

    In June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum and is expected to do so by late March 2019, while there are still certain stumbling blocks that impede talks, namely, the Irish border and post-Brexit UK-EU economic relations, which make a no-deal Brexit scenario a possibility.

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    • 22:22

      May Starts Statement in Downing Street After Concluding Meeting With Cabinet on Brexit

    • 22:17

      UK Secures Cabinet Support for Her Brexit Deal - Reports

      Theresa May

      UK Prime Minister May Secures Cabinet Support for Brexit Deal

      UK Prime Minister Theresa May has secured a cabinet support for her Brexit deal and the agreement would be submitted to the parliament for review.
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    • 22:10

      May's Statement to Media Expected in Several Minutes

    • 20:56

      UK PM Office: May Will Make Statement on Brexit to Parliament Tomorrow

    • 20:48

      May's No 10 Office Says There Will Be Short Statement After Cabinet Meeting - Reports

    • 20:39

      Theresa May Will Not Deliver Brexit Statement to Media on Wednesday Evening - Minister of State at Home Office

    • 20:33

      Leaders of Opposition Parties Urge May to Come to House of Commons and Give Statement on Her Brexit Deal Instead of Press Conference

      The leaders of the five opposition parties in the House of Commons, namely Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Ian Blackford (SNP), Vince Cable (Lib Dems), Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru) and Caroline Lucas (the Greens) have addressed to UK Prime Minister Theresa May in a joint letter, urging her to come to the Commons tonight to give a statement about her Brexit deal instead of giving a press conference.

      "We are writing to you as a matter of urgency to demand that you make a statement to the House of Commons on the withdrawal agreement and future framework between the EU and the UK.

      Your ministerial code is clear that important statements of policy should be made to the House of Commons first and not to the press.

      It is entirely inappropriate for you to brief the press, through a press conference as we understand you plan to do this evening before coming to the House to make a statement and to be questioned by elected members of parliament.

      Mr Speaker made clear earlier that he would be willing to facilitate a statement from you at any time today," the letter writes.


    • 19:55

      Arlene Foster: We Could Not Support Deal That Broke Up UK

      Arlene Foster, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party has warned that if UK Prime Minister Theresa May decided to go against her previous positions, there would be consequences.

      "She has ... said that she will not break up the United Kingdom, there will be no difference between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom," Arlene Foster, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, told journalists.

    • 19:51

      UK Cabinet Meeting Not Expected to End Until at Least 18:00 GMT - Reports

    • 19:06

      Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Calls May's Brexit Deal 'Capitulation'

      Tony Blair, one of the most famous campaigners for a second referendum, has been giving a speech this afternoon.

      "Nothing can disguise the nature of the deal [Theresa May] has chosen, if reports of it are true. This deal isn't a compromise, it's a capitulation," he stated. "The withdrawal agreement will keep us tied to EU trade policy until there is an end established by ‘joint consent' - in other words, the EU has a veto."


    • 18:58

      "12 Years of Pain for UK Economy": IMF Warns Against No-Deal Scenario

      The IMF warned that a no-deal Brexit would wipe out around 6% of GDP (within an unspecified time), what will downplay the City's positions badly.


      "Directors emphasised the importance of a timely agreement with the EU, accompanied by an implementation period to avoid a cliff-edge exit in March 2019 and to allow firms and workers time to adjust to the new relationship," IMF stated in the report.

    • 18:38

      UK Under Pressure to Give EU Ships the Same Fishing Rights in UK Waters After Brexit - Reports

      The Guardian revealed that the United Kingdom had been pushed to include clauses, giving EU boats exactly the same fishing rights in UK waters after Brexit.

    • 18:32

      'Selling Out UK to EU': Protest in London Stresses Leave Means Leave (PHOTOS)

      A vote leave supporter holds a poster in Westminster, London, Britain June 24, 2016.

      'Selling Out UK to EU': Protest in London Stresses Leave Means Leave (PHOTOS)

      Crowds gathered in central London to apply pressure on the Cabinet to reject the draft Brexit deal proposed by the government.
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    • 17:40

      UK Journalist Reports That Two Cabinet Ministers Could Resign Today

      As Daily Telegraph's chief political correspondent Christopher Hope tweeted, he had heard that two cabinet ministers were mulling to resign today.

    • 17:21

      Emergency EU Summit on Brexit Deal Likely on November 25 – Irish Prime Minister

      An extraordinary EU summit on Brexit could take place next week if the British government signs off on the draft withdrawal deal, the Irish prime minister said Wednesday.

      "Should the UK Cabinet be in the position this afternoon to say it’s content with the text, it is proposed that the Commission Taskforce would be in a position perhaps tonight to publish the text with the possibility or probability of an EU council meeting around the 25th of November," Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said during a Q&A session in parliament, as cited by The Irish Examiner newspaper.

    • 17:03

      UK Government Ministers Arriving at Number 10 for Cabinet Meeting

    • 16:50

      UK and European Union Will Be Worse Off Once Brexit Has Taken Place - Germany’s Economy Minister

    • 16:38

      Draft Brexit Deal Just 'Beginning of the Process' – Financial Advisory Giant

      Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrives at an European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium October 17, 2018.

      Draft Brexit Deal Just 'Beginning of the Process' – Financial Advisory Giant

      The prime minister will meet with her cabinet on Wednesday afternoon as she looks to secure their backing for the draft Brexit deal negotiators recently agreed with Brussels.
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    • 16:17

      Irish PM Leo Varadkar Appeals to N. Irish Unionists Worried by Brexit Draft Deal

    • 16:03

      France Remained Cautious on Brexit Deal, Will Review Tuesday's Draft in Detail Before Approving it - Macron

      "It's an encouraging sign considering what happened in the last weeks or months, but we obviously remain very prudent," said Griveaux on Wednesday, speaking after a weekly cabinet meeting.

      "We will take the time to examine the draft deal in detail and there will be an agreement when heads of states and governments have had the possibility to go through the draft text in detail," he added, reporting Macron's comments to cabinet.


    • 15:51

      EU Will Retain All Controls - Reported Leak From Brussels on May's Brexit Deal

      British Prime Minister Theresa May (L) is welcomed by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the EC headquarters in Brussels, Belgium October 21, 2016.

      EU Will Retain All Controls - Reported Leak From Brussels on May's Brexit Deal

      EU sources have reportedly revealed what Brussels thinks the White Paper proposed by the British prime minister really means.
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    • 15:44

      After Brexit UK Will Have Control of its Own Waters - Theresa May

    • 15:38

      British PM: We Will be Able to Strike Trade Deals With Rest of World After Brexit

    • 15:32

      Theresa May: When Final Deal is Agreed Upon With EU, Proper Analysis Will be Given to Parliament

      "The deal will be good for the economy. There was a referendum, and people voted to leave. That is what the government will deliver," May said.

      "We have been very clear that there will be a meaningful vote [on Brexit] in this house. We have also been clear that the motion on the deal will be amendable," May said at a meeting in the House of Commons.

    • 15:27

      Reduction of Commercial Real Estate Tax Rates Should Help UK's Small Businesses - PM May

    • 15:14

      Theresa May: We Will Not Rerun Referendum

      Theresa May said that the deal does deliver on the vote of the British people.

      "We will not rerun the referendum, we will not renege on the decision of the British people," she said. "We will deliver Brexit and the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on the 29th of March 2019."

    • 15:09

      There Needs to be Backstop as Insurance Policy - British Prime Minister Theresa May

    • 15:08

      Theresa May: Any Backstop Has to be Temporary

      "Corbyn used to complain that the government had not reached a deal. Now it is close to a deal, he is still complaining. He does not want a deal," May said.

    • 15:06

      Labour Intends To Frustrate Brexit - Theresa May

    • 15:02

      British Prime Minister Theresa May Starts Cabinet Meeting to Discuss Brexit Deal

      Theresa May said that cabinet will decide on the next steps in the national interest on Brexit.

      "The cabinet will decide on the next steps in the national interest. I'm confident that this takes us significantly closer to delivering what the British people voted for in the referendum," May told parliament.

      "I will come back to the House (parliament) to update it on the outcome."


    • 14:43

      International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt Wants “Further Assurances” Before She Backs Brexit Deal

    • 14:37

      Juncker Calls Brexit Tragedy, Historic Error, Urges Everyone to Make Best of It

      European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker speaks during a media conference at EU headquarters in Brussels. File photo

      Juncker Calls Brexit Tragedy, Historic Error, Urges Everyone to Make Best of It

      Addressing the European Parliament on Tuesday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made numerous interesting comments about the bloc's future relationship with Britain.
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    • 14:30

      Former Justice Minister Phillip Lee Refuses to Vote for May's Brexit Deal

      "Where we're going to end up is not where was promised. This is political fraud, and I'm not putting my name to it. If the public, having read the deal, having understood that Northern Ireland is going to be treated differently, having understood that we're going to be taking the obligations but not the benefits of EU membership... If they understand all that and vote for it, then I'm a democrat and I'll respect that. None of that appeared on the side of a bus in 2016," Lee said.


    • 14:23

      MEP on Brexit Deal: 'We Go to World Trade Organisation's Rules'

      The Union Jack (bottom) and the European Union flag are seen flying, at the border of Gibraltar with Spain, in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, historically claimed by Spain, June 27, 2016, after Britain voted to leave the European Union in the EU Brexit referendum

      MEP on Brexit Deal: 'We Go to World Trade Organisation's Rules'

      Talks late last night between the UK and the EU over a Brexit deal ended with optimism on both sides according to British government officials. Sputnik spoke to MEP Janice Atkinson about the latest Brexit negotiation.
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    • 14:18

      EU Publishes Contingency Plan for 'Disorderly' Brexit


      EU Publishes Contingency Plan for 'Disorderly' Brexit

      European ministers have published a contingency action plan outlining protocols to implement if the United Kingdom leaves in a "disorderly manner", the European Commission (EC) said on Tuesday.
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    • 14:13

      European Commission Holds Briefing as Brexit Deal Draft Reached

      European commission's chief spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, is holding regular briefing.

      He said that the negotiators have been working intensively on a withdrawal agreement and a future partnership document.

    LIVE UPDATES: UK PM May Holding Special Cabinet Meeting to Discuss Brexit Deal


    MEP on Brexit Deal: 'We Go to World Trade Organisation's Rules'
    Long-Awaited Brexit Divorce Deal Text Agreed at Technical Level
    EU Publishes Contingency Plan for 'Disorderly' Brexit
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