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    Denmark Launches 'Cow News' in Ukrainian Amid Spike in Immigration

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    Ukrainians have become one of the fastest-growing minorities in Denmark and an "indispensable" component of the labor market, ushering in a change in the news selection.

    The recent years' influx of Ukrainian workers has prompted the Danish agricultural organization LandboNord to publish news in the Ukrainian language, Danish Radio reported.

    A significant number of Ukrainians are guest workers employed within the agricultural sector. LandboNord consultant Lasse Ledet went so far as to call them an "indispensable" addition to Danish farms, as finding Danish workers has become increasingly difficult.

    "Finding personnel is not easy, so we are posting job ads on our Facebook and elsewhere," he said. "Having foreign employees who are eager to help is a necessity for Danish agriculture," he added.

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    According to Ledet, LandoNord will start with publishing news in Ukrainian on topics involving cattle.

    "We have chosen to publish cow news in Ukrainian to motivate them, so they can actually learn something," Ledet explained.

    A Ukrainian man, Roman Bolyukh, currently employed on Klovborg farm in North Jutland, will be responsible for the translation of LandboNord's news into Ukrainian. According to him, many Ukrainian farmers travel to Denmark because Ukraine's tough economic situation makes it impossible to find jobs at home. The situation is especially difficult for young people, he said.

    "People who pursue an agricultural education would like an internship, but there's hardly any opportunity to get a good internship in Ukraine right now," Bolyukh explained.

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    According to him, it is a good idea to translate news about everything from feed to milking machines into his native language.

    "People from Ukraine will be able to understand exactly what's in the news and what to do, for example, how to reduce heat stress in the animals," Bolyukh explained.

    The number of Ukrainians living in Denmark has doubled over the past decade, making them one of Denmark's fastest-growing communities after Romanians and Syrians. As of July this year, 11,056 Ukrainians were living in Denmark, roughly 1,400 more than the year before.


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