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    Deadly Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy (23)

    ROME (Sputnik) - A motorway bridge has collapsed in the northern Italian city of Genoa, the Rainews24 broadcaster reported on Tuesday.

    Several cars could have fallen down, according to the broadcaster. A rescue team is currently at the scene of the incident. The bridge has been closed to traffic.

    At the same time, the head of the local ambulance service said there were "dozens of dead", Italian news agency Adnkronos reported. According to the local fire brigade, the bridge collapsed at around 11:30 a.m. local time during torrential rainfall.

    "The scale is epochal. There are dozens of dead among those who fell from the bridge or got trapped under the rubble," Francesco Bermano said, as quoted by the Adnkronors news agency.

    The bridge was developed by architect Riccardo Morandi and built in 1968. It's said to be the first cable-stayed bridge in Europe.

    Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli has turned to Twitter to comment on the incident. "I'm following with great apprehension what has happened in Genoa, which appears to be an immense tragedy," Toninelli said.

    ​Twitter users have been sharing photos and videos of the collapsed bridge.


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    • 11:27

      Another Section of Genoa Motorway Bridge May Collapse, Firefighters Warn

      Section of a collapsed motorway bridge in Genoa may crash down on nearby houses, residents have been evacuated, Genoa firefighters brigade's spokesperson told Sputnik.

      According to the latest date, 37 people were killed in the Tuesday collapse of the highway bridge in Genoa. The exact reasons have not been determined yet.

      "There is a danger that a part of the remaining motorway will collapse. It is not fixed and hangs over the houses. All residents have been evacuated, but the danger of collapse remains," the spokesman said.

    • 09:33

      Italian Prosecutor General Says Genoa Bridge Collapse Caused by Human Error

    • 08:26

      Death Toll in Genoa Bridge Collapse Reaches 38 - Italy Interior Minister

    • 06:48
      Rescue workers are seen at the collapsed Morandi Bridge in the Italian port city of Genoa, Italy August 14, 2018 in this still image taken from a video

      Bridge Collapse in Genoa Caused by Human Error - Chief Prosecutor

      According to previous reports, the bridge that collapsed in the Italian city of Genoa, claiming the lives of at least 38 people was temporarily closed two years ago and needed "extraordinary maintenance work."
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    • 05:22

      Death Toll in Genoa Bridge Collapse Climbs to 35 - Reports

    • 23:18

      At Least 31 People Died - Italy's Ministry of Interior

      The Italian Ministry of the Interior on Wednesday confirmed deaths of 31 people in the collapse of a bridge in Genoa, according to Rainews24 broadcaster.

    • 20:59

      Death Toll Reaches 26 - Authorities

      Rescuers recovered bodies of another two victims from the debris of a motorway bridge that collapsed earlier in the day in Genoa, with the death toll reaching 26 people, the Liguria region authorities said Tuesday.

      "Update: two more people were taken out. The number of victims increased to 26: 23 killed on the spot, 1 died in the operating room, two were taken out [later]," the regional authorities wrote on Twitter. It is noted that 15 people were injured as a result of the incident.


    • 20:24

      19 Victims of Genoa Bridge Collapse Identified - Authorities

      As many as 19 victims of a motorway bridge collapse in Italy's northwestern city of Genoa were identified, authorities of Liguria region said on Tuesday.

      "[A total of] 23 dead, the bodies were taken to the San Martino hospital for identification, 19 have been identified so far," a message on the region's official Twitter account read.

    • 20:11

      Genoa Bridge Should Be Demolished - Italy's Deputy Transport Minister

      Italian Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Edoardo Rixi said Tuesday that the collapsed motorway bridge in the northern Italian city of Genoa should be completely demolished.

      "The entire Morandi Bridge must be destroyed, which will lead to serious consequences for movement and problems for citizens and companies," he said during a meeting at the Civil Defense Service in Genoa.

      He also expressed hope that the detour road would be ready by October.

      "Such a bridge does not collapse because of lightning, or because of a thunderstorm. Those guilty must be found," the deputy minister said.

    • 19:39

      Genoa Declares 2 Days of Mourning After Bridge Collapse

      The mayor's office of Italy's northwestern city of Genoa said in a statement on Tuesday that it had declared a two-day mourning following the collapse of a motorway bridge, which killed over 20 people.

      "Expressing the solidarity and condolences of the city's residents to the relatives of the victims ... the mayor's office of Genoa has declared [August] 15-16 the days of mourning," the statement read.

    • 19:35

      Death Toll Stays at 22 with 16 Injured - Italian Prime Minister

      The death toll in a motorway bridge collapse in the northern Italian city of Genoa on Tuesday stands at 22 people with another 16 injured, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said.

      "According to the latest data, 22 people were killed, 16 injured, nine of them are in serious condition," Conte said while visiting the site of the tragedy.

    • 15:55

      Death Toll in Genoa Bridge Collapse Rises to 35 - Reports

      ROME (Sputnik) - The death toll in a motorway bridge collapse in the northern Italian city of Genoa on Tuesday has climbed to 35 people, local media reported citing sources in the country's Fire Services.

      Other reports indicate that at least 13 more people were injured while another 10 are considered missing.

    • 14:26

      Around 30 Dead, Many Seriously Injured - Reports

      "Around 30 people are dead and many others are seriously injured," Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said as quoted by AGI news agency.

    • 14:11

      Italy's PM to Arrive in Genoa on Tuesday Evening Over Motorway Collapse - Reports

      ROME (Sputnik) - Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will arrive in Genoa on Tuesday evening, where a collapse of a motorway bridge earlier in the day left dozens of people killed, a government source told reporters.

      Conte was on vacation at the time of the tragedy.

      According to the source, the prime minister is expected to stay in the city on Wednesday as well.


    • 13:49

      Putin Expresses Condolences to Italian President Over Bridge Collapse

      "Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Italian President Sergio Mattarella a telegram expressing deep condolences in connection with the tragic consequences of the bridge collapse near the city of Genoa," the statement issued by the Kremlin reads.

    • 13:39

      Conflicting Reports Suggest That From Two to Eight People Have Been Pulled Alive From Rubble

      Firefighter Amalia Tedeschi told RAI state TV that two people had been pulled alive from vehicles in the rubble and then they were transported by helicopter to a hospital.

      At the same time, Deputy Transport Minister Edoardo Rixi said that eight people have been injured in the collapse.

    • 13:34

      Italy's Deputy PM to Visit Victims' Families, Says 'Rescuers Working Without Rest'

      Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Social Policies Luigi Di Maio described the incident as "great tragedy," adding that he would visit the families of those, who had died in the bridge collapse.

      "Rescuers are working without rest and I thank them for their efforts," Di Maio said.

    • 13:24
    • 13:23

      'This Country Needs to Look After Existing Infrastructures Before Thinking of Planning Anything New' - Italian Editor

      "As for me, all I can say is that I am shocked. I live now some 400 km from there, but I am a native of the Liguria region, and I travel regularly on that motorway to visit my friends and family in Liguria. Like many people who are venting their feelings on the social media right now, I also often had the impression, while traveling on that suspension bridge, that the bridge looked badly in need of repairs, and felt pretty nervous for the whole stretch of road. This country needs to look after its existing infrastructures before thinking of planning anything new, high speed train lines and the like," Carlo Gianuzzi, freelance translator, editor and subtitler told Sputnik.

    • 13:14

      France Offers Italy Help Following Bridge Collapse

      French President Emmanuel Macron has offered Italy help following a bridge collapsed in the city of Genoa.

    • 13:12

      'We've Been Reborn' - Witness Shares His Feelings Following Bridge Collapse

      Pedro Barthe, who was on his way to pick up a car and return back to Spain after a several-day-long vacation in Italy, has been trapped on the highway a little over a kilometer from the scene of the incident.

      "We've been reborn," Barthe says, adding that ambulance and fire trucks haven't stopped coming to the scene of the collapse.


    • 13:09

      At Least 22 Dead Following Bridge Collapse in Italy's Genoa - Italian Deputy Minister

      ROME (Sputnik) - Death toll in a motorway bridge collapse in the northern Italian city of Genoa on Tuesday climbed to 22 people, Deputy Transport Minister Edoardo Rixi said.

      "This is a tragedy, a real catastrophe," Rixi said in a broadcast by Rainews24 television, adding that another eight people were injured.

      Earlier reports indicated at least 11 people were killed in the incident.


    • 12:55
      The collapsed Morandi Bridge is seen in the Italian port city of Genoa August 14, 2018

      WATCH Aftermath of Genoa Bridge Collapse Captured From a Bird's Eye View

      A motorway bridge over the northern Italian city crumbled on Tuesday during torrential rains, leading to the deaths of at least 11 people and injuries of at least seven people, including children, despite earlier claims of dozens of people being injured. The incident has been deemed by Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli as "an immense tragedy."
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    • 12:49

      Interior Minister Salvini: 'We're Following the Situation Minute-by-Minute'

    • 12:47

      Eyewitness Says Lightning Bolt Hit the Bridge Before it Collapsed

      "It was just after 11:30 [09:30 GMT] when we saw the lightning bolt hit the bridge and we saw the bridge go down," one of the eyewitnesses said, as quoted by the ANSA news agency.

    • 12:29

      Some 20 Vehicles Involved in Bridge Collapse - Firefighters

      Amalia Tedeschi, an official with Italian firefighters, said to RAI state TV that some 20 vehicles, including trucks and cars, had been involved in the bridge collapse.

    • 12:24
    • 12:23

      Restructuring Work Was Carried Out in 2016 - Reports

      Reuters reported that restructuring works on the bridge were carried out in 2016 and work to shore up the foundation of the bridge were ongoing at the time of the incident.

    • 12:17

      Eleven People Dead in Bridge Collapse - Reports

      Italian news agency ANSA said, citing Interior Ministry that at least 11 people had died in the bridge collapse.

    • 12:09
      A motorway bridge which collapsed on Tuesday near the northern Italian port city of Genoa is seen in this picture released by Italian firefighters on August 14, 2018

      Scene From Genoa After Motorway Bridge Collapses Killing Reportedly 35 People

      On August 14, a motorway bridge collapsed in the northern Italian city of Genoa, allegedly resulting in several cars plunging from an enormous height and leaving dozens of people dead with more feared trapped under the rubble.
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    • 12:08

      Authorities Suspect Structural Weakness Caused Bridge Collapse - Reports

    • 12:07
      A motorway bridge which collapsed on Tuesday near the northern Italian port city of Genoa

      Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy: What We Know So Far

      A motorway suspension bridge collapsed on Tuesday in the northern Italian city of Genoa. The tragic incident has already claimed over 10 lives with cars and trucks buried under the rubble. Local authorities have dispatched emergency service personnel to rescue the victims.
      Read more
    • 12:00
      A truck on fallen bridge

      Truck Driver Survives Bridge Crash in Italy by Sheer Miracle (PHOTO, VIDEO)

      Footage of the narrow escape has been published and shared across social media. The terrifying photos show the truck meters away from the edge and 45-meter drop to the ground.
      Read more
    • 11:59
      A motorway bridge which collapsed on Tuesday near the northern Italian port city of Genoa

      Italian Police Publish Shocking Footage of Bridge Collapse, Aftermath in Genoa

      A collapse of a motorway bridge in the northern Italian city of Genoa has claimed the lives of "dozens" of people, Genoa's ambulance service director said.
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    • 11:51

      Some 200 Firefighters Responding to Incident - Interior Minister

      "We are following minute by minute the situation for the bridge collapse in Genoa," Matteo Salvini said on Twitter.

    • 11:51

      Collapse Occurred During Sudden Storm - Police

    • 11:49

      One Person Extracted Alive From Bridge Rubble - Reports

    • 11:47

      Seven People Killed in Motorway Bridge Collapse - Transport Ministry

      "There are numerous victims and, fortunately, several survivors. I was informed about four rescued people and at least seven victims, 20 cars involved. Now rescuers are evacuating nearby houses," Italian State Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport Edoardo Rixi told the Rainews24 broadcaster.

    • 11:44

      Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli Calls Bridge Collapse 'Immense Tragedy'

      "I'm following with great apprehension what has happened in Genoa, which appears to be an immense tragedy," Toninelli said on Twitter.

    • 11:40

      Italy's Ambulance Service Says Dozens People Dead

      The head of the local ambulance service said there were "dozens of dead", Italian news agency Adnkronos reported.

    Motorway Bridge Collapses in Northern Italy, Dozens Dead (PHOTO, VIDEO)
    Deadly Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy (23)


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