18:08 GMT29 November 2020
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    It is difficult to speak directly about the involvement of the UK in the incident regarding the poisoning attack of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, but the concealment of information from London hints at the involvement of the British special services in this case, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said.

    "We haven’t had any information on this subject until now. The only official input that we’ve received from the UK came yesterday regarding the improvement of Yulia Skripal’s condition. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the direct involvement of the UK and British officials in this story, but we have certain suspicions… concealing information and keeping quiet about the details of what happened makes one think that UK intelligence services may be involved," Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Russia's Channel 5.

    Earlier, it was revealed that Yulia Skripal had begun making a rapid recovery. The latest reports have said that she’s regained consciousness and the ability to speak, eat and drink.

    The most important thing, according to the doctors is that she has regained consciousness, and brain nutrition, in other words, brain cells have been revived. "All the rest is a matter of timing."

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    Over the past few days, more than 25 countries, including 16 EU member-states, the United States, Canada, Albania, Norway, and Ukraine, have declared their decision to collectively expel over 150 Russian diplomats as a sign of solidarity with London in the Skripal case. Russia has already ratified a reciprocal response by ordering an equivalent number of diplomats out with regard to each of the countries.

    Sergei Skripal, a former Russian GRU colonel who also worked for UK intelligence, and his daughter Yulia have been in the hospital since March 4 due to exposure to what UK experts say is the A-234 nerve agent. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has accused Russia of arranging the attack and expelled 23 Russian diplomats.

    Russia has strongly denied the accusations and offered to assist in the investigation. Moscow's request for samples of the chemical substance used to poison the Skripals was rejected.

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