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    Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech at Mansion House, in London, Friday, March 2, 2018

    No Deal Better Than Bad Deal: Theresa May Speaks on Brexit (VIDEO)

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    The UK prime minister says London has concerns about the EU's Brexit draft deal but hopes that an agreement can be reached.

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      Theresa May's Speech Is Over

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      May on Visa Policy After Brexit

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      May on Northern Ireland's Border

      Speaking about the disputed issue of Northern Ireland's border, which became a stumbling block during the ongoing Brexit talks, Theresa May put it very clear, saying that there would be no return to a hard border in Northern Ireland.

    • 17:33

      No Deal or Bad Deal?

      The British prime minister has commented on the possibility of the failure to reach an agreement in the ongoing Brexit talks:

      "No deal is still better than a bad deal in the Brexit talks," she stated.

      However, she reiterated her commitment to reach an agreement with the EU, adding that the UK will not be buffeted by the European demands in divorce talks nor would threaten to stop of negotiations.

      In her speech, May sent a strong message to the bloc, saying "let's get on with it".

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      Theresa May Speaks About Energy Sector

    • 17:23

      Theresa May on Progress in Brexit Talks

      "We are making real progress. At the end of last year, we agreed on the key elements of our withdrawal. We are in the process of turning that agreement into draft legal text," May said.

      The prime minister seems to be quite positive about the outcome of the talks, saying that no matter what deal is secured, the future of the UK is bright, underlining that despite the UK is planning to leave EU, it would still remain a part of Europe.

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      May on Tough Issue of Financial Services in Post-Brexit World

      Theresa May underlined that the financial services should be a part of a deep and special partnership.

      However, she noted that "only looking at precedent in financial services will hurt UK, EU economies". 

      May explained that the UK had set out two options in its customs paper last summer: a system enabling the UK to shadow EU tariffs; and a "highly streamlined customs arrangement" where the sides would agree to regulate what they do, as well as proposals for Northern Ireland.

      Summing up, she says trade can be as frictionless as possible.

      She says this would constrain the UK's ability to lower standards for

      According to the prime minister, the goal should be the ability to access each other's markets.

    • 17:40

      Customs Union, Partnership With EU

      Theresa May stated both sides could explore a system where Britain allows the tariffs set by Europe for goods intended for the EU, while implementing different tariffs for goods intended for Britain.

    • 17:13

      Theresa May on Post-Brexit Regulatory Standards

      The prime minister specified that the UK would commit to regulatory standards similar to those in the EU after Brexit to keep the free flow of goods.

      Speaking further, she noted that during the Brexit talks, the EU was making contradicting statements on the future of the trade relations: as she explained, they wanted a ready decision of the issue, but on the other hand, were refuting the existing ones.

    • 17:11

      May on European Court of Justice

      "The jurisdiction of the ECJ in the UK must end.... The ultimate arbiter of disputes about our future partnership cannot be the court of either party," May stated in her speech.

      Theresa May on N Ireland Issue

      May says both Brussels and London should help avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

    • 17:09

      Theresa May on UK-EU Treaties

      Speaking about the future of the EU-UK agreements after the Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated that they "however not apply in UK after Brexit".

      May on Brexit Implementation

      The prime minister said the implementation period cannot be a permanent situation, called for helping businesses go through Brexit.

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