10:33 GMT +316 February 2019
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    Make Mistakes

    Whoops, Don't Do it Again: French Parl't Votes for 'Right to Make Mistakes' Law

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    According to the adopted article, if a taxpayer declares that something was inadvertently miss-stated in a tax declaration, he will not be punished.

    The French National Assembly has adopted a "cornerstone" article, which will give citizens the “right to make mistakes” when dealing with the government without being punished right away. According to the new law, citizens won't automatically be liable for the mistakes they make when dealing with the authorities, but this amnesty will be "limited to the first mistake."

    "The expansion of the right to make a mistake adopted by the Assembly just now!" Minister of Public Action and Accounts Gerald Darmanin tweeted.

    For example, if a taxpayer declares that something was inadvertently miss-stated in a tax declaration, he will not be punished. Of course, will pay a penalty for the delay, but the size of the fine is expected to be be significantly reduced, said Prime Minister Edouard Philip.

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    Legislators will have to study other articles so the law may be made fully operational.

    The law is part of a package of reforms President Emmanuel Macron touted during his electoral campaign: to allow citizens to make a mistake in good faith in their dealings with the authorities without risking punishment for the first infringement.


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