15:07 GMT25 October 2020
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    Andrejs Mamikins, a Latvian member of the European Parliament, said that the resolution aimed at counteracting Russian media outlets aimed at broadcasting to the foreign countries was "propaganda."

    STRASBOURG (Sputnik) — The draft resolution on EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against the bloc by third parties says that Russia is allegedly engaged in propaganda against the European Union. Authors of the document equate counteracting Russia with the resistance to the Islamic State (IS) terror group, outlawed in Russia, and call on EU member states to boost financing counterpropaganda projects. The vote on the issue is set for Wednesday.

    "Until now, I've thought that we can struggle against propaganda with the help of facts and objectivity. But after I have read this document, I have understood that I has been mistaken — this paper is propaganda itself! In this report we bring together the terrorist organization and the state. It is propaganda. It turns out that the IS and Russia are similar things," Mamikins said Tuesday at the European Parliament's plenary session dedicated to the discussion of the resolution.

    Mamikins said that the report had a propagandist nature, because it described the situation that propaganda existed only in several states, adding that the resolution was not objective.

    The European Union and the United States regularly accuse Russia of being engaged in information warfare with the West. In March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told US Secretary of State John Kerry that the United States should put an end to its anti-Russian campaign in the Western media.


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