08:19 GMT11 May 2021
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    Donald Trump's election victory in the United States breathed a new life into Nordic fears of giving Russia more leeway. There is no reason for alarmism, Marie Krarup, a spokeswoman for the Danish People's Party, countered.

    Whereas Russia is habitually portrayed as a scarecrow in Nordic media, the recent US presidential election re-kindled chronic fears of Russian aggression. Numerous Nordic politicians and political scientists voiced concerns of US President-elect Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart may redraw spheres of influence in Europe, provoking a re-make of the 1945 Yalta Conference and the ensuing Cold War.

    According to right-wing Danish People's Party defense spokeswoman Marie Krarup, there is no need for fears of Russia's alleged "superpower ambitions."

    "There is no reason for the conflict, which is right now being blown to hysterical heights. At present, there is no basic ideological difference between Russia on the one hand and Europe and America on the other, as was the case with the Soviet Union," Marie Krarup said during debate on Danish Radio.

    Furthermore, Krarup argued that it was only natural for Russia to enforce its own interests.

    "They [the Russians] have their own national interests, which we also have. When different countries happen to have different national interests, they have a talk and try to come to terms with each other. No one should portray each other as sworn enemies forever," Krarup argued, pointing out that Russia "only" was a superpower with interests, unlike the Soviet Union, which sought to export its ideology.

    According to Marie Krarup, defense spokeswoman for Denmark's second-largest party and member of the ruling coalition, Russia should be rather seen as a "future ally." Krarup also repeatedly called for a removal of the EU's anti-Russian sanctions as they are economically harmful.

    In late August, Krarup provoked media outrage in her home country by arguing that the EU was a "bigger threat" than Russia and advocated for the bloc to be buried.

    Krarup's common anti-establishment slap-downs earned her many enemies in the Danish political circles. In her home country, Krarup has been called "Putin's useful idiot." Furthermore, numerous allegations from other parties' representatives that Krarup allegedly was on Kreml's payroll forced the controversial politician to publish a refutation. By her own admission, Krarup, who is a reserve army officer with knowledge of Russian, happens to have a better understanding than her fellow politicians, who keep banking on fear-mongering slogans like "the Russians are coming."


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