15:14 GMT13 July 2020
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    In recent years, radicalization cases in France have increased in number. Since 2014, “The Brigade of mothers” has been helping those affected by this blight. Nadia Remadna, organizer and chairman of “Brigade”, told Sputnik about her movement as well as what she expects from French politicians.

    “We are expanding the field of our activities, and working with mothers, who suffer from isolation and radicalization in our area,” said Nadia Remadna.

    Once the organization “saved” a girl, who at the time wanted to leave school and join the radical movement when she fell in love with a jihadi. Her mother was afraid to lose the child and so agreed with her decision.

    “We explained to her that to leave school at the age of 14 and get married is quite odd. The daughter talked to us. We told her that she has the right to make her own decision. Probably, this was our best victory,” explained Remadna.

    “The Brigade of Mothers” employs 15 members and about 1,000 like-minded volunteers. They started to educate similar teams in Tunis and Algeria to combat radicalization.

    “Our key aim is to say stop to radical Islam. When you watch how ruthlessly a priest is murdered, you have to act,” said Remadna.

    In “The Brigade of Mothers” campaign, all women are different. Some are Muslims, other are atheists. All mothers have a different cultural background. The only thing that brings all the women together is their common desire.

    “France is a country, which forces many to dream. The legacy that we leave to our children is to make them worthy and good citizens of France,” said Remadna.

    According to Nadia, France has experienced a significant decrease in politics for the last 30 years. French people are trapped in their culture and traditions morally as well as physically. And the result is evident.

    “Again (after the murder of the priest) authorities only talk about money. Many years ago, it was necessary to address the issue who is actually financing mosques and what is happening with Islam. Today, there is no point in pretending that it bothers them. It is not about how to meet the demand, it is now all about how to deal with terrorism,” said Remadna.


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