16:50 GMT26 January 2021
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    Head of the Bavarian Interior Ministry Minister Joachim Herrmann stated that the person, killed by the explosion in the German city of Ansbach was a Syrian immigrant, who moved to Germany two years ago.

    Bavarian Interior Minister also said that the man was 27-years-old man, known to the police as he tried to commit a suicide twice.

    Besides, the man was denied asylum a year ago.

    "According to current results of the investigation, the man killed [by the explosion] was a 27-year-old Syrian, who arrived in Germany two years ago and sought asylum. He was denied asylum a year ago," Herrmann said at a press conference, as quoted by the Nordbayern media outlet.

    The police consider that the victim of the blast was the bomber himself, but there is no evidence at the moment.

    He said that police found a handy of the killed Syria and are examining it now.

    Fertinger added that police have also examined a pack-sack of the killed Syrian and revealed that "its content was enough to kill or injure more people."

    ​The minister also added that the motives of this Syrian man stay unclear — whether he wanted to commit a suicide or to kill others. The Interior Minister can not rule out the bombing was an Islamist terror attack.

    The attack occurred in a wine restaurant in the downtown quarter right before the Ansbach Open, a three-day music festival that attracts many visitors. The organizers were forced to cancel the concert following the attack with around 2,500 visitors leaving the venue. Hotels and houses surrounding the bomb blast were also evacuated for safety.


    One Person Killed, Twelve Injured by Blast in South German City of Ansbach
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