04:50 GMT30 November 2020
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    The internet went into a frenzy on Wednesday after it was revealed that the barber who styles socialist French president Francois Hollande’s thinning locks is paid a whopping 9895 euros, nearly $11,000, each month.

    Immediately following the revelation of his hair stylist’s income, Twitter users began photoshopping him with new hairstyles which they suggested might be more deserving of the absurdly hefty fee, using the hashtag #Coffieurgate.

    Known only as 'Olivier B', the fabulously high-paid barber is under a five-year contract with Hollande, and is the official hairdresser of the Elysée.

    ​Hollande’s lawyer Sarah Levy reportedly spilled the beans on the barber’s income to satirical French newspaper Le Canard Enchainé, confirming that Oliver B must be “available for the president 24/7.” He is also under a strict non-disclosure agreement on anything he may overhear while addressing the President’s hair.

    ​French government speaker Stéphane Le Foll confirmed the barber’s salary during this week’s news briefing, Indy100 reported.

    Along with traveling with the French President on every trip that is longer than a single day, he also tends to Hollande’s hair "every morning and as many times as is necessary, [and] ahead of every speech."

    One user posted on Hollande’s image the hair of US presidential candidate Donald Trump, with the caption; “'Wait, what did you do to me? This isn't my hair!' 'Oh sorry, I've been Trumped'”

    The internet is laughing, and the man who takes care of the hair on the head of the French head of state is laughing all the way to his banque.


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