07:05 GMT19 June 2021
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    Its official, Britain will once again have a female Prime Minister, the first in over half century since Margaret Thatcher.

    The race to Downing Street is reaching epic proportions with Michael Gove being knocked out as he had the lowest number of votes; it means that the leader will either be Home Secretary Theresa May or Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. One thing is certain Britain will once again have a female in charge at No.10 Downing Street.

    The announcement was made on the, July 7 as Conservative MPs started to cast their votes on who should next lead the party.

    Theresa May is currently the Home Secretary. Known for her controversial views on immigration and gay marriage, May has been a fierce contestant throughout the title race.

    In a speech she made on June 30 (2016), she called for strong leadership.

    "Under my leadership the Conservative Party will come back together in the interests of the whole country," she added.

    With 199 votes, Theresa May is currently winning the popularity contest as her and Leadsom go head to head for the role of PM. However, one thing is certain, May has no time to be complacent. As a leader who voted to remain in the EU, she is closely being followed by keen competitor Leadsom, who voted to leave.

    Energy minister ​Andrea Leadsom, entered the race for PM by tweeting that she will be leading the UK towards a fresh start.

    However, she has faced harsh critique as opponents draw reference to her background in banking, claiming she was a hedge fund manager — a claim she fiercely denies.

    ​As the title race draws to a close this week with the next Tory leader and British PM to soon be announced, it is clear that feminists and women across the country will be delighted that a woman will once again grace the offices of Downing Street and Houses of Parliament. Joining Angela Merkel in Germany and with the US presidential elections and Hillary Clinton's high chances of winning, it appears there is no better time to be a woman in office.


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