00:32 GMT01 December 2020
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    According to media reports, David Cameron warned Brits on Sunday that their decision in next week’s EU membership vote will be final and will affect their lives for decades.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) UK Prime Minister David Cameron warned Brits on Sunday that their decision in the next week’s EU membership vote will be final and will affect their lives for decades, in an article for the Express newspaper.

    "On Thursday we face something that is not an everyday decision, but one which will affect our lives for decades to come… So much is at stake here… There will be no re-run. We’ll be out of the EU for good," Cameron wrote in an article.

    The minister, who campaigns for remaining in the European Union on renegotiated terms, warned that jobs, low prices, public services, future opportunities and UK’s democracy relied on the outcome of June 23’s referendum.

    "Of course the EU isn’t perfect," he admitted. "But I believe we will have more opportunities, more security and we’ll live up to the finest traditions of our country if we remain in Europe."

    Cameron admitted there were concerns about increased immigration to the country, but added there was "a right way and a wrong way of controlling it."

    Referendum campaigns restarted on Sunday after three days of mourning for pro-Remain lawmaker Jo Cox, who was murdered on Thursday by a man suspected of links to far-right groups.


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