21:42 GMT25 January 2020
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    Russia-NATO Relations Reach a New Low (121)

    Denmark's recent actions in connection with its obligations to NATO have sparked a heated debate. The decision to send Danish soldiers to Estonia to protect the Baltic from "aggressive" Russia, together with the increase of the military budget, left many Danes angry and worried.

    At present Denmark is considering sending 150 Danish soldiers to the Russian border as part of NATO's deterrence policy. However, the Danes are unimpressed by the government's belligerent rhetoric.

    "Disband NATO and let Russia be. It is the US that started everything," wrote user Holger Jensen on the tabloid newspaper Extra Bladet's Facebook page in a debate over the deployment of Danish soldiers who are heading to the Russian border. This post proved to be most popular, followed by another critical opinion by Elisabeth Meldgaard.

    "Just imagine if all countries used all that money on people in need! That 40 billon DKK alone could have been used for rebuilding Syria. As well as providing care for children and the elderly. But our politicians only want fighter jets and wars," Meldgaard wrote, alluding to Denmark's controversial decision to splurge out billions on a costly fighter jet update program.

    She was backed up by user Mace, who left a caustic commentary.

    "Yeah, let's dispatch those 150 soldiers as soon as possible, since they will be capable of containing all them evil Russians (who dream of invading at least Virum, Spjellerup and most certainly Tryggevelde [all minor towns in Denmark]). This will never aggravate the relationship between Russia and NATO, as the Russians will never deem this a provocation worthy of a response. Also, this will never trigger an arms race, which is a pity, as it is obviously the best way to spend money. What a capital idea! <…> How happy we are to have such clever and gifted politicians we should be proud of… Well, it's medicine time again. Cheers!" wrote Mace.

    Many users expressed a strong anti-American sentiment.

    "After the pack of lies on Iraq, even the most naïve realized that the US is never to be trusted," Sekretstian K wrote.

    "The Russian mentality and the Russian culture are much closer to those of Europe, than American cowboy mentality and lack of culture. It's high time the UN started sending cultural humanitarian help to the US, as they only have money and power on their minds," user robert f commented.

    A subsequent survey among Extra Bladet's readership revealed that approximately 43 percent of the Danes believe the country's engagement in NATO's enterprises in the Baltic is a bad idea. Some 6 percent are undecided, whereas 50 percent are positive towards military expansion in the Baltic.

    Russia-NATO Relations Reach a New Low (121)


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