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    The latest EU foreign ministers' meeting earlier this month was aimed at getting the Europeans off the sanctions hook

    'EU Policy Toward Russia is Suicidal' Former Italian Prime Minister

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    EU policy toward Russia is a political and economic suicide, according to a former Italian prime minister and ex-president of European Commission Romano Prodi.

    It is essential that Russia and EU reboot their economic relations and reestablish cultural exchange, Prodi said in an interview to Izvestia newspaper.

    Italy wants to mend relations with Russia, Prodi claimed, but the possibilities are limited due to EU policy toward Russia, which is marked by what he calls numerous mistakes.

    "For any European country it is not easy to be in conflict with EU official course," he said. "Italy seeks improving relations with Russia, but there are certain limits established by general EU policy. I believe that Russia should bend every effort to help EU members that aspire to repair relations."

    The former prime minister noted that it is necessary to start a political dialogue, restore economic relations and then turn to the humanitarian sphere. In the age of globalization it will play into the hands of both parties, he argued.

    Prodi underlined that cooperation between Russia and Europe is essential in global politics. If there is no dialogue between the parties, certain groups and nations will use this miscommunication and open doors for terrorism. He added that confronting terrorism is a primary common goal which requires joint decisions, and cooperation in this field will contribute to solving the migrant crisis.
    Prodi is in Moscow on a private visit to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.


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      Russia really doesn't need that. Russia is way better with sanctions, worried about coups and no humanitarian BULL HORN, that ONLY works if it's against Russia.
      Why not sanction Turkey? E.U CHARLATAN'S , gave rewards to Turkey for a GENOCIDE of Kurd's inside Turkey , while USING TERRORIST NATO as cover . So no one will intervene.

      So why Russia will need to listen to such filth?

      Russia should begin removing all sanctioning countries industries as their licenses expire. Or buy them OFF. CHEAP.
      Remove them from all RESOURCES. ARCTIC .. Just tourism should be open. Russi can replace all cars and all west makes in Russia with similar size and resemblance of cars.Like west is doing. ALL Russia did was show the presidential car . Under construction. Now look at Cadillac.. IDENTICAL. Russia MUST get to do all they do. And have similar prices.. Or PERISH with the PARTNERS taking over everything and ALL Russia.
    • siberianhusky
      Russia should NOT help the EU in improving relations. The Americans and the dumb EU flunkies created this mess. Now let the sanctions that they imposed on Russia hurt them a lot longer before Russia will consider any trade improvements. The sanction where something that Russian needed to install the self sustainment programs that they had to do sooner or later. So far they have succeeded quit nicely with that, thank you.

      Have you dummies in the EU noticed that America escaped all the hardships that they told the EU to apply on Russia, they always have others pay the price for the actions they tell them to do.
    • nshahhsh
      Dumb EU... you deserved it the minute you let few bunch of idiots makes decisions for you.. hehehe.. Just wait, it'll be more fun.. as the Turds are getting closer towards your doorsteps..! Hehehe.. have fun.. and do enjoy with your new companionship.. lol..!
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