15:17 GMT +328 February 2017
    AGM-114R Hellfire II

    Combat Missiles Heading to US Found in Passenger Aircraft in Serbia

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    Serbian authorities have started an investigation into reports that two air-to-surface missiles, presumably destined for the US, were found in a passenger aircraft.

    According to Serbian news agency Tanjug, Air Serbia, the largest air Serbian carrier, has confirmed that an undisclosed "package" was discovered by a sniffer dog aboard a passenger aircraft, "thanks to the strict measures of security control".

    "We confirm that a package that headed towards a remote destination was found earlier this day in Belgrade airport, thanks to the strict measures of security control… The air carried assists investigation, security and reliability — are Air Serbia's top priorities," Tanjug cites.

    Earlier in the day, Serbian media reported two combat missiles, each 1.5m long were discovered aboard the aircraft in Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport. The missiles were reportedly packaged in a wooden case and provided with documents that listed Portland, Oregon as its destination. 

    The missiles are presumably AGM-114 Hellfire, a universal precision missile that can be fired from ground, maritime or air platform, including predator strike drones. Each missile costs $110,000 and is capable of covering up to 8 kilometers at a speed of 1.3 Mach.


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      ...maybe they wanted to go home rather than to stay in the eu??
    • Baybars
      Interesting development. You don't normally purchase Hellfire missiles in a Serbian garage sale, nor do you send offensive weapons to overseas countries unless you are the government.

      So who has what devious plan up their sleeve? Internal American militia purchased to take down government assets or American false flag attack with 'stolen' weapons to support some agenda?
    • avatar
      Something bad is going on. These seemed to be ready to go.

      This could have been a false flag gone bust. The Serbia connection is disturbing. It's like they plan to take down an airliner and blame Russia so they can really crank down on the sanctions.
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      For a limited time only on ebay and amazon, hellfire missiles, like new. Only $99,995. Limited time only! Promo code "death and destruction" for a free handcuff key. *sarcasm*
    • remember. Air 'serbia' is not 'serbian' but Arab Emirates Etihad. then do the math.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)

      If the price included dinner with La Clinton I might have considered buying one.
    • in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      jande.jande,Arab emirates are trying to send some big guns to some 'undocumented' emigrants.. 2+2=4 isnt' it.
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      jasin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      jande.jande, Thanks. Good catch.
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      elsa.zardiniin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      jande.jandejande.jande, !! The House of Saud, The House of Erdogan, The House of Bush, The House of Stoltenberg, and so on. I wonder how their "people" (race, people, religion and nation) are organized into a hierachical level.
    • Boy,.. did that dog save the world,.. or what?? I wander, what is the name of that dog. The dog just stopped nuclear war!
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      beydetyin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      That's sounds very plausible.
      Excellent comment comment Jane.
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      "package" was discovered by a sniffer dog aboard a passenger aircraft, "thanks to the strict measures of security control"

      Are you kidding me? If it were that strictly controlled, then how on earth did they make it to on board the plane?
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      femia91in reply tobeydety(Show commentHide comment)
      beydety, We don't know if the package was not loaded on the plane before arriving in Belgrade. It could be a transit flight
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