05:22 GMT +327 February 2017
    German police officer

    The Price of Failure: German Town Charges Israel for Rescuing Mossad Agents

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    Israeli embassy received a bill for saving two Mossad agents whose car got stranded in the German city of Quarnbek.

    Authorities in the German city of Quarnbek have charged the Israeli embassy 1,263.01 euros ($1,391.55) to cover the cost of rescuing two Israeli intelligence agents, whose vehicle got stuck in mud, reports The Algemeiner.

    Two armed Mossad agents were reportedly rescued by German authorities in the city of Quarnbek in December 2015. According to the report, the agents were dispatched to Germany to monitor the transfer of a German submarine to Israel. After their German-built Ford Focus automobile got stuck in mud on the bank of the Kiel river, local authorities, the fire department and a farmer on a tractor came to their aid.

    The agents were accused of entering a forbidden area while carrying weapons. When police asked for their identities, the two men initially lied that they were in the area for a sailing competition, but eventually had to provide their diplomatic passports and gun permissions.

    The Israeli diplomatic mission has not yet officially reacted to the charge.


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      And not going to charge for surveillance on the german police? Weird.
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      This has an eerie resemblance to the five Mossad agents arrested in New Jersy with expired visas in the US on routine traffic stop in September 2001, where the cops discovered a ton of cash and explosives in a van labeled "Urban Movers". Soon after that two, sorry three towers came down and these operatives were put on a plane and quietly sent back to Israel by a Jewish man called Michael Chertoff, who later became the head of Home Land Security Department!
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      how comes that foreigners are allowed to carry weapons in Germany ? all German citizens ware forced to give up there weapons (by changing the law) although the where legally obtained
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      Someone should have accidentally got a rope.
      You know .. the old, a low level clerk made a mistake, trick..
    • Hagbard Celine
      Well serves them right, that´s what they deserve for going cheap. Itzig, avoid Gm and Ford, they are second class.

      I mean you come to my country, the heart of luxury car production and you rent an american car ? I take that as an insult, as any other red blooded German would.

      And one more thing for our "special" agents: since when do Submarines need an escort in a foreign country from shore armed with submachine guns ?

      Whoever planned this is a complete Smuck.
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