13:29 GMT +323 March 2017
    Immigrants rest on camp beds installed at the Horst Korber sports hall at the Berlin Olympic stadium complex Olympiapark on October 23, 2015

    No Escaping Islamic Extremism: Muslims Harass Christians in Refugee Camps

    © AFP 2017/ ODD ANDERSEN
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    It is not uncommon in Germany for Muslims migrants to gang up on Christians in refugee camps; the number of these attacks has increased in the country over the past six months, according to Protestant pastor Gottfried Martens.

    Protestant pastor Gottfried Martens said in an interview with the website Katholisch.de that the past six months have seen an increase in Muslim migrants' attacks on Christians in refugee camps across Germany.

    "The situation has deteriorated over the past six months and we have already heard of several cases of such attacks, which are mainly staged by radical Muslims," Martens said.

    He added that these incidents, as a rule, pertain to household-related issues.

    Refugees are seen in their temporary housing in a former hardware store in Hamburg, northern Germany.
    © AFP 2017/ Daniel Bockwoldt
    Refugees are seen in their temporary housing in a former hardware store in Hamburg, northern Germany.

    "In some refugee centers, for example, Christian migrants are banned from going to the kitchen because they are seen by Muslim migrants as kafirs (infidels) who allegedly can desecrate cookware," Martens said.

    This is something that also explains Muslim families forbidding their children from play with Christian kids, according to Martens.

    "The number of cases related to negative attitude toward Christian refugees has showed no sign of abating in recent weeks," he said.

    Marten expressed his concern that the issue is being hushed up by both European politicians and the media, which he said will not help "to drop huge problems."

    More than 1.1 million migrants and refugees arrived in Germany in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel's government came under pressure over its open-door policy after a series of attacks on women in Cologne, allegedly by men from refugee backgrounds.


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    • Aon Duine
      And yet they fled as "refugees" to Christian nations. This won't end in disaster.
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      Identify them immediately, arrest them immediately and deport them asap. They are a terrible liability to the good Moslems, quite apart from their inherent wickedness and ingratitude to their hosts.
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      Muslims harass Christians in camps but I'm pretty sure it's a nation of Christians that destroyed 7 Muslim nations these past 14 years.
    • Aon Duinein reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, The Middle East is a rathole because of Islam. Nothing more, nothing less. Sectarian violence kills way more Muslims than the West has ever killed.
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      Mitach2002in reply toAon Duine(Show commentHide comment)
      Aon Duine, go spew your ignorant racist rants to some poor fool who might believe you. It hasn't been a Muslim nation that's been in a constant state of war destroying nation after nation since WWII. Nice try. Lol
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      Muslims a bunch o bigots who think they are the master race .
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      jasin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, You'd be wrong. Do you believe the US behaves as a Christian nation? I can say I am LDS or Jewish, but that is only confirmed by behavior and action. The acts of dark and light are in the New Testament.
      Pravmir.com had what I thought was a good article about free will.

      People are often familiar with the idiom of walking and quacking like a duck. The opposite is true. One can have the mask of a Christian and be nothing of Christianity.
    • in reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Oh, the tragic irony that now re-crucifies Christians .

      Killary, Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney, Cameron all practice self-love first,
      then extend their murderous manipulations, from aborting babies
      in their own countries, to brutalizing the world.
    • avatar
      No need to convince me that most Christians talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. I work with a Christian whose brother is the minister and this man goes to church "religiously". Lol. Yet he would take the shirt right off your back. I call it the mister clean. Each Sunday you walk out of church with a white suit. After a week of dirty deeds it is black as black so off to church to have your suit cleaned "soul" and away he goes again.
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      jasin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, If you know they are not Christian, it makes no sense to call them Christians. The more accurate description would be those who claim to be Christian. That is if you don't hate Christians, only fake Christians.

      And I'm not trying to convince you of anything. It's your choice. I only responded to a lie about Christianity.
    • avatar
      another report, does this mean that the incidents are growing in number or just being reported more?
    • Blackie
      Well they did get warnings
    • Blackiein reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
    • Blackiein reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      And he calls himself a Man of God.
    • avatar
      So very very much to be optimistic about, as per Muslim and Christian (and everyone else) relations. Haha. Just joking!
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      hpin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Two words .. Sunni - Shia
      Pull your head our, denier.
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      The only thing standing in the way of resolving these many problems in Europe today is the Politicians. Remove them from the scene and soon the problems will be solved, the nations returned to normalcy. It is a sad day when the people paid to care for the nations are criminals in their character (almost to a person, a white person) and take pay offs to disturb the peace of the nations they are paid to protect and support. I am expecting the people of African origin here in America to take care of any problems Americans may have with these Muslims. Afterall, the women in America, of color, of all colors, are just as much a part of the 'Blacks' communities as they are of the 'whites' communities. Men of African origin have been in numbers in America as long as has the men of European origins been in America. In every reality America is their nation too and they should take the responsibility of protecting American women seriously, to the point of life or death if need be. I suspect when the Muslims realize they are fooling around with a society of physically fit and well educated in the art of self defense, ready to kick some butt, then, the muslims will get along or get out. Talking is not going to work and we do not need to kill people, a good butt whipping will do the job and quite nicely. Come on 'Black" America, earn your keep.
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