17:15 GMT +321 February 2017
    US and Lithuanian troops take part in a NATO military exercise 38 miles north of the capital of Lithuania. File photo.

    Clear and Present Danger: NATO Forces Actually Pose Threat to Russia

    © AP Photo/ Mindaugas Kulbis
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    Russia has good reasons to consider NATO a threat, according to a Polish member of the European Parliament.

    It’s Washington that keeps positioning its troops closer and closer to Moscow and not vice versa, Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke pointed out.

    He also criticized the actions of the Polish Law and Justice (PiS), Poland’s ruling political party, which actively promotes establishing a NATO military presence in the country. According to Korwin-Mikke, the Polish government’s policies remind him of those of pre-WWII Poland, which, as it became apparent in September 1939, ultimately proved to be rather reckless and dangerous.

    He argued that while the EU seeks to assume a neutral stance towards Russia, the Polish leadership continues to stubbornly advocate anti-Russian policies.

    And Russia’s reaction towards NATO expansion appears to be justified, Korwin-Mikke told the newspaper Polska Times.

    "From their point of view it looks like this: the Warsaw Pact was dissolved and NATO absorbed Eastern Germany; then it absorbed Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, followed by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and then by Romania and Bulgaria. And now NATO is attempting to absorb Ukraine," he said.

    "There is clear and constant NATO aggression towards Russia, and that’s how Russians perceive all of this."

    Furthermore, this threat is not a figment of the Russians’ imagination, the politician argues; it really does exist.

    "It’s not about whether I like Russia or not, it’s about facts," Korwin-Mikke remarks. "It’s not Russian troops getting closer to Washington, it’s US troops getting closer to Moscow."


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      The ones who say otherwise know, if they bother to look at facts that it is without any doubt NATO that is threatning Russia, all else are lies by the media through their governments, peoples don´t even bother to question the lies spewed in the news because they are all like zombies trying to make ends meet. The slaves do not think, they are the slaves who keep these ponzi policies going, and this is over 90% of us.
    • Mikhas
      NATO is a threat to humanity and a US bully dog, but a minor nuisance to Russia since it´s a slow organisation with major divergences that only attacks poor defenceless people and their governments in third world countries, devastated after years of sanctions and US-trained proxy death squads.

      When it comes to taking on someone capable to defend themselves, an equal or better, NATO and it´s pack of cowards would collapse. They can play all they want but fact is, that if and when Russia coughs, like she did in Georgia, Syria or the ukraine or with USS/Donald Duck in the Black Sea, they will all be sh_tting their pants.
    • Well shall we add that nato is in afghanistan/irak/south korea/japan/georgia.. maybe to spread "their" democracy.. as usual.
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      Yes, I'm seeing this too, Poland and the Baltic States especially, are playing with a fire which may wipe them out completely. IMHO, whenever Russia is attacked by NATO, it will become a nuclear conflict. And it that the countries hosting the so-called Missile defense will die first!
      Then, maybe, comes a Minute when war powers start to think. But that will be too late for Poland. I think it is like in real live, if you are not able to overpower your mighty enemy, you better don't start a fight!
      But stupid people think with their large intestines instead of their brain.
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      Besides the US's Prompt Global Strike (PGS) is an affront to the whole free world. And by freedom i mean the freedom from a singular dictatorial power that wants to subjugate the whole world.
      NATO is of course part and parcel controlled by the same dictatorial entity controlling the US. And the neocon's and the whole bunch of connected financiers are nothing but puppets of the international financial oligarchy that the City of London represents. That is the real enemy of mankind.
    • vvj3080
      The present situation in Europe is caused by the Anglo Americans who are inspired by the breakup of the Soviet Union and thus the Warsaw Pact countries which were rapidly absorbed into NATO . So it is evident that even without the Soviet Union there is a greater danger to global conflict because the real aggressor cum terrorist namely the US is more inspired to cause bloodshed and this has been their actual intention after WW2. This evil can only be stopped if the war is brought rapidly to North America. North America must pay for the annihilation of Red Indians and the enslavement of blacks. The only way is to bring ravages to their own backyard because this is unthinkable at this moment. The advantage that the Atlantic and Pacific as a buffer has caused North America to wage war in other parts of the world without retributions to them. Hope this advantage will end to bring sanity to these marauding dogs who have lost its mind. The US and UK are no more than a colony of dogs and this is evident after the Iraqi war.
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      THIS was Gorbachev's fault. Dealing with things he had NO IDEA what he was doing.
      The Soviet troops SHOULD had remain at west. And the wall allowed to remain.
      You NEVER trust the liars.
      They planning interventions and want to make sure Russia can be stopped and defeated.
      Russia should change the policies and open a few bases abroad. In Cuba. In MEXICO. ANd so on. When Russia learn how to do things, it will change. Refuse the sanctions removal. maybe so Russia allow a military intervention at E Ukraine.
      Protect Belarus. And Kaliningrad.
      Russia can open some defensive lines. In a modern way.
      Where reserves will go all year round and excersice, physical and some range and other tasks.. Like medical, para trooping , nothing SECRET.. and be ready for teh worst. the regular military should be there too surrounding teh reserves. That will be going in and out all year long.
      Well planned, it could have about 250,000 all year round. With lots of reservist coming and going.
    • FlorianGeyer
      The Neo-Cons in America will doubtless be willing to fight to the Last Drop of European Blood for the hegemony of US corporations over the world.
      The irony of it all is that most Americans could not even locate Poland on a map and that includes the Elites in Washington.
    • in reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, I agree! Speaking about geography knowledge take a look at this video (don't be offended by the title if you're happen to be american :) )

      www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0TK_vk-XDM at 2.00 you're gonna have fun.
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      The Polish have proven themselves to be dogs not knowing that the US is using them and do not bother whether it will be there after a war.
    • Thank God Gorbachev made the mistake as you presumed it.. but on the brighter side.. the world got... Vladimir Putin.. the President of Russia to get rid off those scumbags.. It's kinda.. A blessing in disguise.. hehehe
    • FlorianGeyerin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams,

      That video is sadly funny and very true. I am sure it applies to the majority of the dumbed down British masses as well, plus a few politicians.

      Its ever more prescient to say that a nation that buries itself in trivia gets the Government they Deserve.
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      This Polish MP is very brave and politically quite suicidal as such anti American and anti NATO expressions are not welcome in a country consumed with unfounded hate and rage against Russia. I can believe that Polish politicians come to conclusion based on recent US military actions - wars against different countries around the world assuming that USA in their eyes is the biggest ever world power on the planet and despite that was not able to contain smaller, much smaller and incredibly weaker countries and groups, come to conclusion that again in their point of view that Russia as much weaker will in no way be able to fight Polish mighty army supported with USA.

      That incredibly bizarre if not just outright idiotic perception of majority of Polish politicians is actually result of their blind belief in their anti Russian media. We remember that Last year when Ukrainian defence minister on a NATO meeting in Warsaw said that Russia used 3 nuclear devices against Ukrainian forces in order to win them in Donbas region, it was only Polish representative who immediately accepted such ludicrous statement as fact only to be laughed on by all other NATO members.

      However I cannot understand Baltic states which are small weak and negligible in any sense of the meaning of the word to poke into Russia and believing that when shove come to push USA will save them from destruction and complete eradication from the future of this planet.

      All of them are either extremely idiotic or they are simply on a drugs believing that when a cart starts to roll downhill they will simply say: “OK that's enough we are playing no more, let us start a new game, that went too far now”. That is incredibly childish and for adults idiotic. They are behaving as that they just suffered surgical removal of 50% of their brain.

      Even more Irritating is the fact that Eurocrates are on absolutely same level. President of EU parliament who is filed football player and without education (football players average education is primary school only) and that does not prevent him to be the one who teaches other about Russian evil. We in EU are surrounded by idiots on a grand scale who are driving us over the cliff just because they are under the influence from Washington where the politicians are even worst than here.

      Sometimes I wish that Russia would just press the bottom and clear these Augean stables and give us chance to restart. However that is very stupid on its own as after that there will be nothing left, it is not possible to surgically remove cancer metastasis out of body without killing patient as there are too many of them. War is not a solution as there would be too many innocent dead. The only way is to build huge spaceship load few million selected people and leave this planet for next 100.000 years and return on fresh green and blue planet and start all over again without bothering how the rest of population ended after we left them.
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      President Putin extends the hand of friendship to the west. The west answers by sending more Zombie soldiers with their shooting irons to the Russian border.
      Isn't it obvious then, that the Russian President is dealing with people that have a Zombified disposition?... Or what else can it be?
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)

      I have employed many Eastern Europeans and all of them had an almost childlike view of the West. I do not wish to seem demeaning about them as all are well educated and hard working. I think that Hollywood films etc are partly to blame for the misconception that Western streets are paved with gold ,when in reality Western streets are paved with debt.
    • Baybars in reply tovvj3080(Show commentHide comment)
      vvj3080, Natives of every country have been killed and enslaved for generations by political/merchant powers that originate in Europe. Americans are really just displaced Europeans, although some Americans may have devolved a bit since leaving home. If you want to end the tyranny then killing off the Americans is only a small step; you must take out the banking and business heads which claim no country but try to rule every country.
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