21:56 GMT +321 February 2017
    Norway toughens asylum policy

    Deportation of Refugees From Norway to Russia Suspended

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)

    Oslo and Moscow need to coordinate the work on deportation of the Middle Eastern refugees who had arrived in Norway from Russia, up to that time the deportation is suspended, Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende said on Sunday.

    TROMSOE (Norway), (Sputnik) — In November, the Norwegian authorities closed the border for migrants and made changes to the immigration laws — the asylum would be denied if the applicant came from a country where his life was not threatened.

    The mass departure came after Russia agreed that Norway could return migrants who hold a Russian visa by bus. According to Norwegian police, refugees who were denied asylum in Norway were to be delivered to the Russian residential areas closest to the border.

    "Russia wants to engage in dialogue with Norway on the coordination of procedures for the return. We understand that. We will continue talks on the issue this week. Until that time, the deportation will be suspended," the minister was quoted by the NRK broadcaster as saying.

    Brende recalled that the key reason behind the deportation was security concern, as well as the need for more concerted action agreed by both parties.

    On Tuesday, 13 refugees were deported from Norway to Russia under an agreement to return them through the Storskog checkpoint by bus. A group of 30 refugees were due to arrive in Russia on Thursday, but the deportation was postponed for various reasons given by Norwegian officials.

    The fate of some additional 80 refugees detained in northern Norway is still unclear. Police arrested them on Friday, which means deportation within three days.

    The northernmost migrant route has been used by an estimated 5,500 people fleeing conflicts and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa as Europe continues to grapple with the greatest refugee crisis in decades.

    Last year Norway deported some 400 asylum seekers to Russia, who had the documents that allowed them to stay on Russian soil.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)


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    • Mother Gorilla
      Up there in the cold, people are warmer! The whole world and certainly the whole of Europe should follow this example!
    • avatar
      America has often accepted the attention of being known as the "police of the world." Any student of criminology will recognize that there is a difference between a "police officer" and the now archived "peace officer." That being said, the impressionable difference is that of one who is more of a 'warrior' image and all the it connotes with relegated soldier's gear in comparison to that of a man "with a stick", or baton. America has relished its role, and makes no apology for killing innocents, as they are mere "collateral damage." On the other hand, we now have Russia playing a much more defined role of "peace officers". They are not the buffed bodies of some of the American troops, nor those of Sweden's kopps. Instead they look like the average man anywhere. In this new role of immigration administration, they will carry the "stick", the baton, but not the Uzis, AK47 or Karishnikovs. Instead they will be there to assist in an orderly manner the lives of those who depend on them for their future. I ask you, do your want a "police officer" mishandling you all over again or a "peace officer' who really is one of the policeman of the world?
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