18:30 GMT +322 February 2017
    Refugee's arrive to Stockholm

    Above Law: Refugees in Sweden Can Drive Cars ‘Without Driver’s License’

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)

    From now on refugees can drive vehicles without having to show a driver’s license when stopped by police, the Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reported, citing Sveriges Radio.

    A Swedish court dismissed the case of a young man from Bosnia, who was caught operating a car without a driving permit. The man told judges that he actually had a driver's license in his country of origin, but had lost it nine months ago when he moved to Sweden.

    Although the man did not prove that he had a license in Bosnia, Swedish judges chose not to charge him, because they could not prove that he did not have a license in Bosnia, according to the Swedish newspaper. In other words, Swedish judges had to prove that the man didn't have a driver's license in Bosnia, which ended up being an impossible thing to do.

    "In practice, this means that newly arrived migrants can drive vehicles without a driver's license," Fria Tider said.

    Investigator Helena Renberg from Karlskrona said she has to deal with 30 similar cases in her small town alone, Sveriges Radio reported.

    The situation with the Bosnian man has made many Swedes angry, because if a Swede committed a similar violation he or she would have to pay thousands of kronor.

    "If a person cannot prove that he has a driver's license, maybe he shouldn't drive… After all, the Swedish law clearly states that a person must show the document [when driving a vehicle]," police officer Stefan Palm from Blekinge County said, according to Fria Tider.

    According to user Osiris from the Flashback forum, this precedent means that now every refugee from another country can drive a car in Sweden without having to show a driver's license, as they can simply say that they lost it.

    "Sweden is becoming more and more lawless. The system has completely lost touch with reality," Osiris wrote on the forum.

    People from outside of the European Union who are not officially registered in Sweden are not required to have a driver's license. Since the entire process of registration in Sweden can take up to two years, as long as refugees can claim that they had a driver's license in their countries of origin, they can keep driving vehicles without having to show proper documentation while their applications are being processed, Fria Tider explained.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)


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      So, it is not a foregone conclusion that immigrants can drive without a license, as much as it is a supposition that they can, IF they return to this same court. Do you think their version of a Supreme Court is going to abide with this idea? The MPs are already being called back into session for a discussion. (Boy! Would I love to be involved in that!) First of all, the immigrant has to get into Sweden. So far, they are not being invited in, in the way they want to, and the way they want to, is with a tall, long-legged blonde. Then they must have access to a vehicle. And if driving without a license is a possibility to be waived, then so would the defense be credible that, "If you allow me to drive, how can I avail myself of that liberal freedom without a car? And so, your Honor, that is why I stole the car. Quid pro quo?"

      Someone is just trying to bait the neophytes who read this who just have to respond. OMG! They got me!
    • in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Reverse justice! Good you're hired as a lawyer or commonly know now as OUTlawyer! =)
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      marcanhaltin reply tomartillo(Show commentHide comment)
      martillo, Attach more to your argument and less on the attack of a personality. We are not to assassinate anyone's character as they can do that all by themselves. We can point out their idiocy in a way that might help reclaim their waywardness without being either a wuss or an offense ourselves, Just a thought...
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      marcanhaltin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, Blush...!
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      Time for some majority rights. No other way to phrase it. When does representation of the people start?
    • Eva Brown
    • Baybars in reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Eva Brown, Exactly my reaction to this crazyness. What happens when there is an accident involving a non-licenced driver? Who pays? Certainly not the 'refugee' but it will be the government who is on the hook for damages and medical etc.
    • Eva Brownin reply toBaybars (Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, as any insurance company will do an insurance policy.....will be the state to support those expenses.. typical in sweeden .... they aren t stupids going there !!!
    • Mother Gorillain reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, don't think liberal freedom, think integration into the job market! The Swedes are cool calculators!
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      Does the state of the EU remember the last days of the Roman empire?
      But that won't last as long. As soon as the financial means are gone and social security cannot be paid anylonger, those judges and politicians will vanish too.

      Those died in 1946:
      Paul Blumberger, Reichsgerichtsrat, †30. Januar 1946
      • Leo Brandenburg, Reichsgerichtsrat, †2. M¨arz 1946
      • Ernst Brandis, Reichsgerichtsrat, †24. Dezember 1946
      • Heinrich Burmeister, Reichsgerichtsrat, †25. Mai 1946
      • Fritz D¨orffler, Reichsgerichtsrat, †17. Oktober 1945
      • Richard Francke, Reichsgerichtsrat, †24. Februar 1947
      • Heinrich Frings, Richter, †25. Januar 1946
      • Walther Froelich, Reichsgerichtsrat, †31. Dezember 1945
      • Hermann G¨unther, Reichsgerichtsrat, †7. Oktober 1945
      • August Guth, Reichsgerichtsrat, †26. Dezember 1945
      • Hermann Hoffmann, Reichsgerichtsrat, †17. Oktober 1945
      • Hans Iber, Reichsgerichtsrat, †10. Januar 1946
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      Driving cars without a DL, having sex with women without their consent? It is a paradise on Earth for them! Pity Helgas are not virgins. Hope it won't offend them. ;(
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      This world wide double standard is way past obvious. Don't be surprised if the "enforcers" of this sort of criminality soon start being killed by peace loving people.
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      I wish someone like Russia would start looking into this and pointing out the guilty officials that are destroying their own nation and people. Just saying "Sweden" doesn't tell the story. Who's behind this destruction of Europe and why? That would be REAL journalism.
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      Will someone please put Sweden out of its misery.
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      just for interest, the law in Australia states that no driver is permitted to drive without their license. Also we are advised that if we wish to drive in the E.U., U.S.,U.K. etc then we are required to obtain an International Drivers License.
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      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, isn't that the ancient greek concept of a democracy or something? :)
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      This is so stupid! If I got into power in Sweden I WOULD make it ILLEGAL for refugees to drive without licences and anyone who does and breaks speed limits, deliberately causes accidents etc WOULD BE DEPORTED EVEN IF IT BREACHES THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS!!!


      Sweden are too SOFT TOO DOGOODY AND TOO HUMAN RIGHTS CARING if you ask me.
    • in reply totanksbb(Show commentHide comment)
      tanksbb, Who is behind..the usual culprits (zio' and neocons who want to create one mass instead of all the diversity already existing).
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      Who are the hidden hand(s) guiding the Swedish politicians to commit treasonous insanity called multiculturalism? If equality before the law applies, then no one needs to have a drivers licence. This isn't law or justice, it is anarchy.
    • GwanSoon Lee Tattoos
      Next thing is the insurance companies have standards that the Drivers Should meet and in a case of injury or death to other people whom these Drivers Hit , Run Over etc, Who is going to pay for their injuries and if a lawsuit occurs????. VERY DUMB MOVE .
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