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    Sønderborg, Denmark

    Danish Discos Ban Refugees and Migrants for Harassing Women

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    Nightclubs in the Danish towns of Sonderborg and Haderslev have stopped letting in refugees and migrants after complaints that they were harassing women, Denmark's TV Syd reported.

    Nightclubs in Sonderborg and Haderslev in southern Denmark have stopped allowing in refugees and migrants because female visitors were being harassed, Denmark's TV Syd reported last week.

    Old army barracks in the town of Sonderborg were converted into a reception center for 700 refugees around a year and a half ago. Refugees and migrants, mostly single men, also began arriving in Haderslev in 2014. Since then, say the proprietors of local nightclubs, there has been a notable change in the local nightlife. 

    "It must be said, that a large part of our male visitors who come here from the local asylum center find it very difficult to respect the opposite sex," Glenn Hollender, owner of the Den Flyvende Hollænder nightclub in Sonderborg, told TV Syd.

    Den Flyvende Hollænder is one of three nightclubs in the town that requires its visitors to be able to speak Danish, English or German.

    "It is clear that if we ask male visitors to leave a girl alone, they must understand what we mean. There were simply too many instances when they ignored our requests to leave the female guests alone," said Hollender.

    Rafi Ibrahim, a Syrian who has lived in Denmark for many years, told TV Syd that many refugees and migrants do not understand the culture they have arrived in.

    "Many of the refugees and asylum seekers who visit nightclubs at the weekend don't know the rules. If they see a girl, they run amok. They simply can't handle it. They try to pull at the girls' clothes or grope her."

    "In Syria and many other countries it's not normal if a girl you don't know smiles at you. The girls that they pestered were not dressed provocatively, or drunk. Sometimes it's just that they are girls," said Ibrahim.

    Following TV Syd's report, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten asked women in Sonderborg about their experiences of local nightclubs since the arrival of refugees and migrants in the area. 

    "Who should asylum seekers learn standards of behavior from?" asked the women.

    They complained that despite the numerous reports about the problematic behavior of migrants towards women, they face more harassment from young Danish men.


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      It must be said, that a large part of our male visitors who come here from the local asylum center find it very difficult to respect the opposite sex," Glenn Hollender, owner of the Den Flyvende Hollænder nightclub in Sonderborg, told TV Syd.
      What's wrong with those guys? Grown men acting like they've never had a woman
    • Mikhas
      Must be like having all the 72 virgins without passing death first. That bar i recommend btw, have been there.
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      Post a sign out front: "NO Free Lunch Served Here." And collect a cover charge at the door that exceeds a full night of drinking. Pick a number based on the person who wants entry and times that by four. That ought to keep the place in order and it is the bar keeper who gets to tell the customer when he has exceeded his allotment for the evening. Hire their own kind as bouncers, but make certain that they speak perfect Dane.
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      marcanhaltin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, They've never had a Danish woman, I will bet. The world is complete with the understanding how they treat their own wives. If they were taught to treat all women as they treat their daughters...well, that would be a different story now, wouldn't it. The point is, know who you are talking about as well as what you are talking about.
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      Ny, Pogodi !
      So, these guys have nothing else to do than going to bars and nightclubs? Do they consider Europe as a recreation park?
    • Andreas Koppa
      As far as I know, you need money to take a drink, more to take a woman, even more if she is a whore. So where do they get the money?
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      marcanhaltin reply toAndreas Koppa(Show commentHide comment)
      Andreas Koppa, From the naive woman
    • Andreas Koppain reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Or maybe there are NGO's around given them some money.
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      marcanhaltin reply toNy, Pogodi !(Show commentHide comment)
      Ny, Pogodi !, No, as they consider it to be life itself, that is, outside of a Muslims's reach
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      marcanhaltin reply toAndreas Koppa(Show commentHide comment)
      Andreas Koppa, An NGOs purpose is to change the landscaping where it can be speculated on, so a Soros can pocket what he has invested it. It is NOT to put change in someone else's pocket unless they work for it. You don't really thing that many of these 'demonstrations' are going on for free, do you? Take the matter of "Black Lives Matter". Who printed up all those exactly the same posters? Someone who wants change but will never be out front demanding it.
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      A 13-year old, purportedly of Russian origin, was kidnapped by refugees while she was going to school, and was raped for days in Berlin's Marzahn area.
    • Mother Gorilla
      Motto: Dogs and refugees not welcome! That is terrible! Unworthy of a civilised country like Denmark! Most drunkards are vulgar, then you can still call the police!
    • Mother Gorillain reply toAndreas Koppa(Show commentHide comment)
      Andreas Koppa, fair question!
    • Mother Gorillain reply toAthanasios(Show commentHide comment)
      Athanasios, according to Berlin radio and television, that news is a hoax spread by the right-wing extremists. Exceptionally, I enclose the link for you all to check:


      I apollogize to Sputnik for any inconvenience, but this is important!!!
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      One very simple question, these so called refo's have INVADED most of E.U CLAIMING that they are victims of wars, have little or no clothing and food, no accommodation and NO MONEY!!! SO, how is it possible this refo scum are able to afford to go socializing, partying, drinking and night clubing??? I find it strange that they float themselves all the way to the E.U. for one big holiday/vacation???
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