22:12 GMT +326 February 2017
    German Bundeswehr soldiers

    German Minister Calls for Troops' Deployment in Country Amid Sex Attacks

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    The proposal comes two weeks after hundreds of women were attacked by aggressive men of allegedly Arab and North African origin in a number of German cities.

    After the attacks on women in Cologne and a number of other German cities, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has called to consider the deployment of Bundeswehr forces within the country.

    "We will have to deal with the question of why almost all other European countries have clear legal regulations enabling them to use their armed forces to support the police — and we don't", Schäuble said in an interview with the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

    In his opinion, Germany needs to enhance its security forces as well as create legal foundations for the police and the intelligence services as the population expects the state to be responsible for guaranteeing its security.

    "However, there may be the situation when the central police forces and those of the federal states are exhausted. In this case, every other country in the world would deploy soldiers if necessary," Schaeuble said.

    Therefore, the politician appealed for the creation of a legal basis that will enable deployment of military forces inside the country. This might require the changes in the country's constitution, which provides for the deployment of the military only during natural disasters.

    On New Year's Eve, hundreds of women in Cologne were reportedly robbed, threatened and sexually assaulted by small groups of aggressive men, allegedly mostly of Arab and North African origin. Several similar incidents were reported on the same day in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Berlin.


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      merkel should be PUNISHED
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      Reading about such intentions of sociopathic schäuble makes me think that those actions on New Year were paid by German state to introduce a kind of patriot act like in the us or like in France after the last terror attack.
    • Sam Handwich
      Question is who he is thinking on using those forces on once deployed. To protect or to subdue?
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      They sure picked on the wrong people's women! We can be nice... ad we can be... not nice...
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      Alexey Yarmolenko,
      Hasby, stop pretending you're a russian.
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      They want to get Merkel. At least someone in the world think she ok.
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      Who would be a politician trying to walk the tight-rope between dealing severely with the culprits, while damping down the many more numerous good Muslims. Why is it that countries and cultures always seem to have a band of vile types, who give the rest a bad name ?
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      Alexey Yarmolenko,
      You've been off your meds, again, haven't you ? How many times have I told you MUST take them regularly. If you continue in this vein, the yellow van with red wheels will be coming round to pick you up ; and some nice gentlemen in white coats will take you off for a holiday.

      Avoid the 'potty language', and wipe those flecks of spittle off your lapel, and you'll speak with more authority. I know you swear so much in the US because of the stresses of daily survival, physical and moral.
    • Blackie
      Alexey Yarmolenko,
      Hi Camerade,
      I Salute you for speaking your mind.You are a Man and today it is difficult.
      It does not matter if you are right or wrong.Free speech is worth more than that.With free speech comes honour.
      I agree with that part about Germany somehow magically performing fellatio on the US 24/7 on call service, and just lovin it....
      Look old Chap I studied Womens Studies at University, and I can tell you it was bias and full of hatred to Men and the family.
      If there can be Feminism then there could be Masculinism, but amazingly there is not!
      So a Women can hate a Man, lie an denigrate his honour, plus actually hitting him, and get away with it.
      A Man only needs to look complimentary at the wrong Women and she calls the Police for Eye-ball rape, or he touched against her in the train etc.
      Imagine if Men were allowed that privelidge.
      My Dog has more rights than 99 percent of todays Men .
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      Application for European Residency,
      Name:____________________ Sex ____M ____F
      Last Known Address ______________________________
      Catholic or Castration? (Choose one) ___________________________
    • Well merkel and her "friends" should visit a jail-cell
    • Adidus
      what happened in Germany is surely uncivilized. But I do believe that Germans are strong, intelligent and civilized enough to stop such inhuman activities and they will protect their women in a civilized manner. Justice must not fall, because wise people say, this is how evil enters a society. Justice should be served equally regardless of race, religion and culture.
    • Mother Gorilla
      I wonder if black is so bad, why do those valiant Germanic soldiers on the picture all have their faces painted black?
    • Mother Gorillain reply topbecke(Show commentHide comment)
      pbecke, maybe Alexey should have been kept on, he raised some interesting points? Next time, maybe just don't mention it, maybe he'll slip through the net...
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      Alexey Yarmolenko
      i will speak my mind and always will
      if germans and anglos dont like it,
      then tough shit
      Eurasia Forever
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      Let's contemplate the reality. Peaceful Arab refugees have brought out the German military personnel to the German streets. Something the world has not seen for 70 years. And all they (Arabs) wanted is a piece of bread and a tent, ...and a piece of p***y.Now, what's wrong with that! :) German military to protect German women against peace loving refugees!

      And this is what Angela wants to happen in Germany!? Get her out of that office.
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      could crime of a specific nature be considered a natural disaster? Could the excessive migrant intake also be considered such? I wonder if Herr Schauble will follow this path? :)
      (sorry, I have to find the umlaut on this keyboard!)
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      pbeckein reply toAlexey Yarmolenko(Show commentHide comment)
      Alexey Yarmolenko,
      Yes. I thought you were way 'over the top', but I was out of order. You have a very precious friend in Mother Gorilla. Lucky man.
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