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    Terrorist Attacks in Paris (254)

    A new poll finds that France is twice as welcoming as Britons towards Syrian refugees and the mood towards them following the terrorist attacks in Paris has remained relatively unmoved, according to YouGov.

    The eight perpetrators named in connection with the attack in Paris were all registered as European nationals and in the wake of the attacks, European leaders raised concerns over the freedom of movement rules and the influx of refugees and migrants traveling across Europe's borders.

    Subsequently, the resettlement of Syrian refugees remains a sticking point for Britain and attitudes towards refugees have hardened since the terrorist attacks by Daesh (also known as ISIL/IS) in France. YouGov revealed that the percentage of British people not willing to accept any refugees fleeing conflict in Syria increased from 14 percent to 26 percent.

    Yet research carried out in France suggests there is no equivalent shift of opinion. According to the poll there has been a small reversal in favor of France allowing more political refugees with 40 percent saying they should be allowed in, compared to 20 percent of Britons agreeing that the UK should let Syrian refugees settle in the UK.

    The first 50 refugees from Syria are set to arrive in Britain before the end of the year. Charity Refugee Action will be working with Birmingham City Council to resettle families who have fled conflict.

    Terrorist Attacks in Paris (254)


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