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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1819)
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    It is necessary to solve the migrant crisis at the grassroots level by stabilizing the situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa and at the same time protecting borders on the local level “in order to physically stop the tsunami” of refugees, the Hungarian leader of the nationalist political party Jobbik told Sputnik.

    BUDAPEST (Sputnik), Mary Lopatto – There is “complete chaos” in the European Union now with the latest tragedy that has shaken the world in regard to the refugee influx from the Middle East and Northern Africa, Gábor Vona said in an interview.

    “I think that the countries that created this wave of migration with their actions of overthrowing the governments in the Middle East and North Africa need to share the immigrants among themselves,” Vona said.

    “We, along with the ruling Fidesz party, are completely against accepting the proposal of setting up a system of quotas on the number of immigrants,” Vona said in an interview.

    “After this, it’s no surprise that such a problem [of migration] that has shaken the world cannot be solved by the EU with a single migration policy. The Schengen Zone is one of the main fundamentals of the EU and if it collapses, then the unity of the Union will become more doubtful,” Vona said.

    Since Hungary is within the Schengen Zone, Budapest would not be happy if this were to happen, Vona said.

    “But the most important thing for us is the security of our homeland,” Vona added.

    Illegal migrants attempting to cross Hungarian border must be turned back, the Jobbik party's leader believes.

    “The opinion of my party, and my personal opinion as well, is that we must decisively insist that anyone who approaches our borders with the desire to cross it illegally, needs to be immediately turned back,” Gábor Vona noted.

    It is impossible not only for Hungary, but for anyone in the European Union to pick and choose from the millions of people crossing the border from the Middle East and Northern Africa who is a refugee, an immigrant, or a terrorist, Vona said.

    “Many think this is very inhumane, but we need to look at the center of democracy, to the United States, where the migration laws are so strict that the illegal crossing of the borders could lead to imprisonment and deportation out of the United States,” Vona said.

    The political leader said that Hungary also has its own immigration laws and if anyone is made an exception, then the whole system would collapse.

    “If someone is saving his life by fleeing his homeland, no one will block his way if he follows the law at the border and submits a request to receive refugee status,” Vona added.

    Europe’s decades-long imbalanced policies are responsible for the migrant crisis erupting on its soil, the head of Hungary’s right-wing Jobbik party told Sputnik.

    "The policy pursued in recent decades in destruction of traditional, conservative and Christian values has led to a huge imbalance. We can attribute the migrant crisis to this policy," Gabor Vona said.

    Asked to assess the growing popularity of nationalist political movements in response to anti-migrant sentiment, exacerbated by this year’s crisis, the Jobbik leader said Europeans are "gradually beginning to reject" Brussels’ system.

    "The growing influence of right-wing conservative parties in all of Europe, too, can be considered a consequence of this [imbalanced] policy," Vona said.

    Jobbik, the Movement for a Better Hungary, does not oppose Islam and respects any culture and religion, Vona stressed in an effort to distance the party from widely held opinions of right-wing movements.

    "I would not consider it a problem if a small Muslim community existed in our country…but if they become a majority, that becomes a problem for us," he explained.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1819)


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