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    Hungarian police officers stand guard as migrants disembark from a train at the railway station in the town of Hegyeshalom next to the Austrian Hungarian border, Hungary September 13, 2015

    Record 4,000 Refugees Arrive in Hungary in One Day – Police

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    According to the police official, in order to avoid overcrowding in the Southern Hungarian town of Roszke close to the border with Serbia, police make the refugees board buses to Austria almost immediately upon their arrival in Hungary.

    ROSZKE (Sputnik) — Record 4,000 refugees crossed the border into Hungary in one day, a source in the Hungarian Csongrad county police department told RIA Novosti Sunday.

    Hungary is expected to enforce a package of tighter immigration laws and close the borders in a bid to stop the uncontrolled inflow of refugees on Tuesday. According to the police official, the expected restrictions might have caused the increased inflow of migrants in recent days.

    "On Saturday, about 4,000 refugees arrived. This is a new record, as previously the daily number of arrivals was at 2,900-3,100," the source said.

    According to the police official, in order to avoid overcrowding in the Southern Hungarian town of Roszke close to the border with Serbia, police make the refugees board buses to Austria almost immediately upon their arrival in Hungary.

    “However, many refugees don’t know about this, they think that we are going to detain them, so they try to hide from us" the official stated.

    According to earlier police statements, undocumented migrants have been slipping through new holes in Hungary’s barbed-wire fence on the southern border with Serbia.

    “They either think that the passage is closed, or made these holes for the future, for when the border closes on September 15,” the police official stated.

    The police official complained about the “complete informational vacuum” between Hungarians and migrants, as the refugees, who don’t have a common language with the locals, do not understand what is happening.

    Budapest estimates that some 172,000 refugees and migrants have entered the country since the beginning of 2015.


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