07:46 GMT20 January 2021
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    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko revealed there are three possible scenarios to resolve the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

    According to him, he is strongly against any radical measures and considers the Minsk agreements to be the optimal way to end the war and return Donbass under Kiev’s control.

    "There are three scenarios for further developments. The first one is a military operation by Ukrainian forces to free the region and a march on Moscow," the president said during a TV interview.

    He rebuffed the first scenario calling it "a reckless adventure" and adding that "Ukrainian people are against it."

    "The second option is to build the wall and give away the region. We could live on without Donbass. This is a possible scenario. But as the president of Ukraine I won’t do that. I won’t give a small piece of Ukraine’s land to anyone. I will fight to return Donbass as well as Crimea under Kiev’s control," Poroshenko said.

    The third way is the most acceptable and this is the Minsk agreements, he pointed out.

    "There is a way to restore sovereignty over the Donbass Region, and this is called the Minsk agreements. Simply, they presume ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, release of prisoner and the OSCE monitoring the situation," Poroshenko explained.

    "We should be ready for to any developments," he added reminding that last year the Minsk process was almost destroyed by "the illegal elections which were held in the region on November 2."

    "Now, I’m trying to do my best to have the Minsk agreements observed and restore control over Donbass," the president said.

    Ukraine's southeast was engulfed in a conflict beginning in April 2014, when Kiev launched a military operation to suppress local militias dissatisfied with the country’s new government coming to power following the a February 2014 coup.

    At least 6,832 people were killed in the conflict and another 17,087 were injured.

    In mid-February, Kiev and the self-proclaimed people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk signed a ceasefire agreement after Normandy Quartet talks in the Belarusian capital, Minsk. However, both sides have since repeatedly accused each other of violating the deal.

    During several round of talks, the contact group and its divisions discussed a series of key issues, including withdrawal of armaments with caliber under 100 mm, a constitutional reform, a special status for Donbass, local elections and prisoners exchange.


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