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    Migrants grab for food delivered by volunteers as they wait for registration at the reception center for refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin, Germany, Friday, Sept. 4, 2015

    Germany Needs Political Will to Solve Migration Crisis - Rights Activist

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    Germany must develop the requisite political will and money if it hopes to receive a record 800,000 migrants by the year-end, according to Karl-Heinz Wendt, chairman of the German Society for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity.

    In an interview with Sputnik, Karl-Heinz Wendt, chairman of the German Society for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity, said that receiving 800,000 asylum seekers before the end of this year will be a tricky task for Germany, something that can only be implemented if there is the requisite political will and money.

    "Given the fact that Germany is home to 80 million people, 800,000 [migrants] will be a small part. If Germany shows the political will to receive these people, this task will be resolved. And also, this is a question of money. So, money and political will are needed to implement the task," Wendt said.

    He bemoaned politicians' inaction, urging them to do more to resolve the ongoing refugee crisis.

    "The fact is that the influx of refugees did not start yesterday or the day before yesterday, but even Germany was not ready to deal with what was always believed to be a minor problem," he said.

    Wendt also called for adopting a spate of amendments to the German legislation that he said still prevents regulations pertaining to migrants from coming into force in his county.

    Separately, he warned against attempts to integrate 800,000 migrants into German society.

    "I think that Germany is not ready to integrate such a large number of refugees, and we should not set such a goal. What we need is to ensure that these people go back home when the war ends there," Wendt pointed out.

    Additionally, he expressed doubt that the Dublin Regulation, which determines the EU member states responsible for examining applications for asylum, will now help German authorities cope with the problem.

    Meanwhile, Austrian police have said that about 4,000 migrants have entered Austria from Hungary in the past few hours, with the number expected to double before the end of Saturday.


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