10:00 GMT24 July 2021
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    In the dead of the night, alleged Russian flags appeared in the streets of Kiev alongside Ukrainian ones, causing much uproar on social media.

    “They are hanging up the flags of Ukraine and Bulgaria in central Kiev. But I have looked at them and have a question – is it really the Bulgarian flag? ”Ukraine’s Radical Party member Dmytro Linko asked in a Facebook post.

    The post spawned a hot discussion.

    Ukraine was preparing to welcome Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, expected to arrive in Kiev on Tuesday for talks with the Verkhovna Rada chairman.

    The Russian and Bulgarian flags both have a white stripe at the top and a red stripe at the bottom. The Bulgarian one has a green stripe in the middle but the Russian flag has a blue one.

    Russian flag
    © Flickr / Amanda Graham
    Russian flag
    Bulgarian flag
    © Flickr / Klearchos Kapoutsis
    Bulgarian flag

    While some social media users referred to this fact as a reason for confusing the flags, others considered it a provocation and even treason.

    Several users started debating whether the flag was indeed Bulgarian but looked like the Russian one in darkness.

    In response, a user recalled the famous story about “the blue-white-golden-black dress” whose exact colors could not be defined.

    Blue or white?
    © Photo
    Blue or white?

    Last April Kiev "welcomed" Swiss President Didier Burkhalter with the flag of Denmark.


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