08:22 GMT13 July 2020
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    Russian Bikers' Victory Day Ride to Berlin (29)
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    The Czech journalist openly criticized the attempts to ban members of the Russian riders club 'Night Wolves' or "complicate their lives" during the event.

    “Unlike the Americans who feel free to travel to Europe in armored personnel transporters with all the weapons, members of the Russian bikers club ‘Night Wolves’ are just civilians who are planning to travel from Moscow to Berlin on their own bikes and without arms,” Czech journalist Ladislav Kashuka said on Czech Free Press.

    He expressed his surprise at the negative reaction by some of his countrymen to the Russian bikers’ plan of traveling through Europe to Berlin to lay flowers in honor of Victory Day on May 9.

    “Unlike some people who have arrived in Europe to set up bases, the motorcyclists just want to peacefully and unarmed travel to Berlin, lay flowers at the monument of fallen soldiers and return home.”

    The journalist openly criticized the attempts to ban members of the riders club or ‘complicate their lives’ during the event. He called on to “allow Russian patriots a calm and peaceful drive through the Czech Republic.”

    “I hope that in Prague and Warsaw a sense of gratitude for the liberation from Nazism prevails over hatred and Russophobia which is spreading in Europe due to the lies and propaganda of the United States,” wrote Kashuk.

    The members of the Russian bikers club ‘Night Wolves’ plan to ride through Poland on a journey to Berlin to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.

    About 40 participants will leave from Moscow on April 25. They plan to drive through Minsk, Brest, Wrocław, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna, Munich and Prague. The journey is to end on May 9 in Berlin, where the bikers will lay flowers at the monument to the Soviet soldiers in Treptower Park in Berlin.

    Earlier, the leader of the Polish bikers club ‘Rajd Katynski’, Victor Vengzhin, together with his club expressed his support for the Russian bikers who are planning to drive through Poland.

    Russian Bikers' Victory Day Ride to Berlin (29)


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