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    With their faces covered and carrying burning torches, Ukrainian nationalists attempt to march to Kiev's Independence Square to honor the so called Heavenly Hundred

    German Media, Politicians Cynically Ignore Fascism in Ukraine

    © AP Photo / Sergei Chuzavkov
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    Western media and politicians often call Ukrainian neo-Nazist groups “freedom fighters” or "right-wing movements", ignoring an alarming situation in the country.

    German media and politicians deliberately ignore the phenomenon of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, according to the Austrian magazine “Contra Magazin”.

    "They [Nazis] worship Stepan Bandera and throw their hands in a Hitler-style greeting. But the Western media and politicians present these groups as freedom fighters. At the same time, the problem of Fascists has existed for years. There is enough proof for this, but they seem to be subject to the strict censorship," the magazine wrote.

    The author accused German media and politicians of "cynical duplicity", because they can label almost any peace movement in Germany as "right-wing" or "anti-Semitic”, but refuse to recognize the real threat in Ukraine.

    Earlier this year, the Swiss media revealed connections between Swiss neo-Nazis and the Ukrainian Azov battalion. Similar contacts with German radicals would not be a surprise, the magazine wrote.

    However, if such a connection would prove to be true, German mainstream media would not mention it at all, as it would not fit into the existing structure of lies.


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