18:29 GMT22 September 2020
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    UK parliament member Angus Robertson stated that recent air safety report published by the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA), which looked at collision warning systems for Britain's fast fighter jets, is "damning" for the British Ministry of Defence.

    EDINBURGH, January 14 (Sputnik) A recent air safety report published by the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA), which looked at collision warning systems for Britain's fast fighter jets, is "damning" for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), parliament member Angus Robertson said Wednesday.

    "This is a hugely damning report for the MoD," Robertson, whose constituency includes a Royal Air Force station at Lossiemouth which maintains squadrons of Tornado and Typhoon aircraft, said in a statement.

    "Twenty years after it was proven and recommended that these systems would save lives they remain to this day uninstalled. It is clear that the MoD with its cavalier approach to safety has learned no lessons as it has not even made the systems mandatory on new fast jets it acquires, while it drags its feet installing them on the ones they use already," Robertson added.

    In the latest Air Safety Annual Report, made public on Tuesday, the Director General of the MAA, Air Marshal Garwood, stated that evidence suggests the United Kingdom is carrying unnecessary risk by failing to introduce collision warning systems in its fast-jet fleets. The MAA head also urged for a specific program for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft to be pursued with urgency.


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