03:49 GMT17 January 2021
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    Has a global pandemic killing thousands really come down to whether you can eat a scotch egg with a pint? Well, you would think so if you read the MSM press this morning and watched the lamestream broadcasters.

    We all know that the fault for this lies with Boris and his complete lack of clarity and ability to supply the evidence for his policymaking.

    Even today there are stories that there is a secret report about the effect of COVID on the economy. However, do you actually need to see it, to know what is in it? Just rearrange these words creek, paddle without, sh*t, a, up.

    Tonight, there is a back-bench rebellion which one newspaper is breathlessly describing as 'Boris is at the mercy of the rebels.'

    He is nothing of the sort, as Labour are going to abstain and there is only a maximum of 100 so-called rebels who are going to vote against the tier system.

    This is pantomime pandemic politics.

    As the Sex Pistols would say, Never mind the hyperbolics! Let’s work out what we can do to survive this pandemic of COVID and utter bull in the media.

    Seriously I am fed up to the back teeth of all of this dangerous nonsense. I am fed up of everyone, myself included, suddenly being an expert on immunology or virology and fed up of the constant droning on about it.

    We are where we are, and it is what it is.

    The big question is surely what can we as individuals and then as a community do to get through this period until the vaccines are ready?

    Like families all over the UK we have been discussing the Christmas rules and what we should do and we have decided to spend time with our daughters at home in a bubble.

    We are in tier 3. Why - I don’t know? It’s clearly unfair and unscientific but I’m not wasting my breath bitching about it anymore.

    As a result, the usual pint on Christmas day in a packed pub is off but we can make up for that with smoked salmon blinis and a bottle of fizz at home. It is what it is! And it won’t be too bad, will it?

    My Christmas certainly isn’t going to be ruined by not having a pint and spilling most of it down my new Christmas jumper in a packed bar.

    We are Having a Reset on Christmas

    Now the shops are re-opening we are going to get all our little prezzies for each other from local independent shops, thereby supporting our economy. This includes shopping in charity shops rather than everything being brand new.

    For big-ticket items, we have made a pledge not to buy on Amazon and in fact not to spend large amounts of cash on prezzies for each other.

    It’s a disgrace the way that big online companies are creaming it during the pandemic and of course they are still not paying the right amount of tax in the UK so they can do without the Gaunts family cash this Christmas.

    I found a lovely pair of leather gloves in the back of a drawer yesterday which I have not worn since I was given them two Christmases ago! Mental, completely mental!

    We will of course have great food and wine.

    In the last big lockdown, we began to shop much more locally for our fresh food.

    We are blessed where I live in having a great outdoor market and all the veggies will come from there and we have two great local butchers who will supply the meat.

    As you may know, I am a convert to low carb high-fat eating and as such we tend to cook all our meals from scratch using real food and that is something I would encourage you all to do too.

    COVID and the links with obesity cannot be denied any more, so the more you can do to guard against this the better. Likewise, if you’re looking for a smaller present for your loved ones why not buy them a good supply of Vitamin D and C.

    Pubs are closed so there is no excuse for not getting off our lardy backsides and going for a walk after Christmas dinner. We are also planning a long walk on Boxing Day morning to walk off the excesses of Christmas Day.

    We as a family are going to take this attitude into the New Year and when the restaurants re-open instead of flocking to the big corporate chains why don’t you support your local independent restaurant or café. Eat out to help out YOUR community so to speak.

    Same with holidays instead of jetting off as soon as they open travel corridors again, like many did last time, how about staying in the UK and pumping the money into our economy and into our jobs?

    Clearly, the politicians and the newspaper editors haven’t got a clue, so I suggest that instead of banging on about the ‘Great Reset’ we should all do our own reset.

    Look, it is clear that we have been let down by the Establishment Elite. Many, if not all, are not fit for purpose.

    But we can and have to take control of our own lives and destinies if we want to survive and flourish.

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