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    In the summer of 1940 the brave pilots of the RAF took on the Luftwaffe across the skies of south-east England in the so-called ‘Battle of Britain’. Today, we are in the midst of a new life-or-death struggle, to stop the imposition of a dehumanising and authoritarian ‘New Normal‘ under the cover of ‘Coronavirus.’

    ‘It’s just a piece of cloth? Why are you getting so upset about it’ the defenders of mandatory mask wearing say.
    Except it’s not ‘just a piece of cloth’. Being forced to wear face masks in late July when we go shopping is not about public health but public control. How can it be anything but when the government advice, when the virus was supposed to be at its peak in March, was not to wear them?

    Note how the authorities no longer refer to ‘Covid-19’ It’s now ‘Coronavirus’, a generic term. This indicates that the show is planned to run and run. Coronaviruses have been with us a very long time.  They’ll always be with us. All the authorities have to do is to wait until the autumn when colds and flu and other upper respiratory tract infections start rising- and hey presto we have our ‘second wave’ . Cue for more lockdowns. More restrictions. More hyperventilating from Piers Morgan. It’s clear that the ‘New Normal’ is not meant to be temporary, but is here to stay, at least until we all agree to take a rushed-through vaccine for which the manufacturers will be sure to demand full indemnification.

    That’s why this Friday, 24th July, in England is so important. If we all do what the government tells us and put masks on when go to the shops, then very soon, we’ll be forced to wear them everywhere. Already after last week’s announcement we’ve seen the mandating of masks be applied to coffee shops and takeaway restaurants.

    ​But if there’s a big push back on Friday, it’ll send a very clear sign to the government that people are not quite so compliant as they thought.

    The statements from leading supermarket chains that they will not be barring entry to customers without masks who simply say they are exempt, shows that public pressure can work. We have to speak up now, before we’re muzzled for ever.

    ​Just saying 'No' has never been more important. A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves, the old saying goes. Cast your mind back to March. We were told when the lockdown was imposed that it would only be for three weeks, in order to ‘protect the NHS’. OK, fair enough, most people- including myself- thought.

    But the NHS was nowhere near overwhelmed- in fact it had never been so quiet. So the rationale changed. The lockdown was about ‘flattening the curve’ . About ‘getting the ‘R’ number down to below 1’. About ‘reducing cases to a much lower number’. Then it was ‘until we get zero cases’. The goalposts kept on moving.  And most people said nothing but just accepted the mission creep. The lack of real opposition in March, April and May has got us to where we are today. Labour, the ‘official opposition’ has been even more pro-lockdown than the Tories.

    Yes, the lockdown has been eased in recent weeks, but life has not got back to normal.

    By making masks mandatory at this very late stage, the government is telling us that it doesn’t really want things to get back to normal. Yesterday on Good Morning Britain, the ITV programme which  played a key role in ramping up fear levels in March and keeping them high, a doctor advised parents getting children used to wearing masks from the age of 7.

    Is this the kind of world we want our kids to grow up in?

    ​The most passionate, and eloquent case against face masks that I’ve seen was made by the veteran Irish journalist John Waters. A video interview of him has gone viral, and rightly so:

     ‘They need visible evidence of terror… that’s why this is so important to them. The mask is a way of denying the very human face of the person. It is  a way of taking away the individual unique humanity  of each person and turning us all into zombies. So that we will no longer look at each other coming down the street as Tom or Mick or Mary. My friend, my sister, my brother, but instead as a sort of a festering mess of bacteria sand viruses which is a danger to my health. This is what they are turning humans into. This is what they are implementing- to destroy the spirit of the human person. That is what this project is about’, Waters said.T

    he project of course is not just about making us wear masks. ‘Social distancing’ which should more accurately be called ‘anti-social distancing’ is also aimed to destroy the spirit of the human person. Man is a social animal. Yet we are being told by government to keep our distance from our fellow citizens, including our loved ones! What kind of devilry is this?

    I’ll say it again, the ‘New Abnormal’ is meant to be permanent. Now, if you’re happy with enforced social distancing, mandatory masks and only being allowed to go to theatre, concerts and watch sport under the most restrictive conditions for the rest of your life, (and probably then only after you’ve been vaccinated) , plus blatant discrimination against the young, the old and the disabled, and families being told by the State when they can or cannot meet, then fair enough.

    But I’m getting ready to climb into my Spitfire.

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