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    UK border agency stops illegal migrants

    Javid Needs to Up His Game!

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    Jon Gaunt
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    Sajid Javid has made a complete and utter Horlicks of the Dover illegal immigrant crisis.

    He should have got a grip a lot earlier and sent these criminals straight back to France and made sure he televised the deportations to send a clear message to others waiting over there not to even bother to try and come.

    A hard-line policy is the only way to stop a humanitarian crisis developing in the channel.

    But to be honest whatever he does about Dover it is a mere spit in the channel, compared to his immigration white paper that he slipped out just before Christmas as Westminster and the rest of us all had our attention focused on the Brexit pantomime.

    If this paper becomes law we will be back to the bad old days of almost unlimited immigration and an "Immigrants R Us" policy so favoured by the likes of Blair and Mandelson.

    Before you start shouting racist and causing a Twitter storm demanding that I be hung drawn and quartered for even bringing up the I word let me remind you that I believe in well-controlled managed immigration and believe that immigration has had massive benefits to the UK.  However, Javid's white paper is a smoke and mirrors operation that even Paul Daniels wouldn't have had the courage to try and pull off.

    Javid acted the hardman before Christmas and vowed that the proposals would end free movement, and would demand that in the coming years semi-skilled workers meet a yet-to-be-decided salary threshold before they can come to the UK. That sounded okay to me, almost a points-based system.

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    However, now he has capitulated to big business and said that unskilled immigrants from anywhere in the world can come to the UK for five years even if they have NOT got a job. In other words, it is more cheap labour for Big Business and more suppression of wages for British workers.

    But it gets worse because Sajid has no real firm policies for how he would remove these people after five years if they haven't got a job. This from the so-called hard man who some were suggesting could take over from Theresa May! This from the hard man who hasn't even been able to get rid of the 230 odd chancers who have landed at Dover.

    To add insult to injury firms will not have to advertise any jobs to British workers first so guess what they will do now that there is a steady flow of cheap labour from abroad?

    Lord Andrew Green of Migration watch is correct to say that, "These measures are worse than useless. "They are so extensive as to be unenforceable by a Home Office that cannot even enforce the present system and is evading its responsibility to fulfil manifesto promises."

    Net migration is currently running at 270,000 thousand a year but Lord Green says with Javid's proposal it is likely to send "numbers spinning even further out of control"

    Once more for the record Sajid the 17.4 Million votes in favour of Brexit was largely about reducing immigration but there is no denying that your proposal will increase net migration.

    This is serious stuff but meanwhile the Brexit pantomime rolls on even though it is now clear that Theresa May has lost the dressing room with a new poll showing that more than 50 percent of Conservative members would prefer to leave the EU with no deal rather than with her capitulation deal to the EU.

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    She was hoping that opposition to her lousy betrayal deal would soften over Christmas but the opposite has happened so if she had any integrity or honour she would step down now.  But there is no chance of that, as she appears to be more deluded and convinced of her own abilities, despite the multiple defeats she suffered before the Festive break, than Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

    The Red Devils acted before it was too late and have been rewarded with four victories on the bounce with their new manager but the Tories seem to be, as Lord Green says, "writing the longest suicide note in history" not only on immigration but on the Brexit betrayal as well. Their chances of ever getting elected again are fading fast

    No one wants this deal and it is clear from yesterday's meeting with the DUP they are not going to back it either so as a Nation can we not cut to the chase and remove May, tell the EU all deals are off and get someone, anyone, to get a grip of this country's future?

    I know I sound like a stuck record as I have been saying this for months but this is serious stuff as the UK is heading to the rocks. Don't get me wrong I have no fear of a no deal scenario in fact I am polishing my dancing shoes in anticipation of such an event. I believe the UK will flourish after it but there are other very pressing issues that this crippled government need to be addressing now particularly immigration and not just the few chancers who are landing at Dover.

    The UK is a Premier league country with some top players and the fifth largest economy but it appears that large elements of this lousy Government have either already accepted defeat or are determined to see us relegated and playing in the minor leagues.

    The time for change is now. So I will say it once again May must go and go now otherwise we will really end up with a Red Devil, in the shape of Corbyn, in Number Ten.

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