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    Protestor wearing a Theresa May mask poses outside Downing Street after Britain's election in London, Britain June 9, 2017.

    UK Government Not Fit for Purpose

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    Jon Gaunt
    Alleged Poisoning Attack on Russian Ex-Spy Skripal in UK (226)
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    Let’s be frank this lousy Conservative Government is not fit for purpose and it’s a good job that they have the Salisbury Nerve Gas pantomime to divert the UK population’s attention, otherwise, I am sure that people would be taking to the streets.

    The charge sheet includes amongst others: the betrayal over Brexit, the murder epidemic in London, the Police Cuts, the scandal over the Men child false refugees, and the Pakistani Rape gangs that seem to have been allowed to rape and sexually abuse almost at will right across the UK.

    Whilst it is clear to the man and the woman in the street why these problems are happening we keep getting subjected a procession of Government Ministers who are either stupid, delusional or plain liars.

    This parade of fools is of course led by Boris, the bungler, Johnson who has taken us to the edge of a third world war by leading the accusations against Russia without first gathering the evidence.

    If it was an Easter miracle that Yulia Skripal recovered then it is quite honestly astonishing that her father is too now on the mend from a nerve agent that we were told that was so deadly that just a single drop would kill.

    Police officers guard the cordoned off area around the home of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, Britain, April 3, 2018
    © REUTERS / Hannah McKay
    Police officers guard the cordoned off area around the home of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, Britain, April 3, 2018
    I am not going to go over the narrative that the Government and their patsies in the MSM have spread but it is quite clear now false. 

    The Skripal’s may well have come back from the dead but meanwhile, the death toll in London appears to increase every day. 

    On Sunday we had to endure, Communities Minister, Sajid Javid telling us the escalating murder rate was not due to 20 thousand Police cuts?! 

    Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, (or should that be Rudderless?) backed him up and promised, in an article in the Sunday Telegraph, that she was launching an initiative on Monday to combat this knife and gun mayhem. 

    I wondered yesterday whether their reluctance to acknowledge the impact of the loss of 20 thousand Police jobs could have anything to do with protecting the previous useless Home Secretary who so aggressively implemented the cuts? 

    Who could that be?

    Why Theresa May that’s who? Yes, the same Theresa who seems to have gone missing these past two weeks as London burned and the Skripal fiasco got more and more curious. One would have thought that our Prime Minister would have rushed back to London, but no she decided instead to carry on with her walking holiday.

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    Meanwhile, today’s launch of Amber Rudd’s initiative to halt the murders was however somewhat undermined by the leaking overnight of a report which clearly laid the blame on Police cuts.

    “Rudderless”, only had one defence when it was revealed that the leaked document was from her own department, she had to take the ignorance is bliss tactic and claim she had not seen the report that her own Government department had researched and published?!

    The nickname, Rudderless now seems even apter. 

    As for the actual initiative it was basically a case of everyone else is to blame: from Rap and Grime music to YouTube and social media and the fact that everyone can buy cleaning fluid and knives.

    Why do politicians always think the way to close down a problem is to restrict the freedoms and rights of the decent silent majority in favour of the feral, the feckless and dare I say it the foreigners. 

    Let’s face it, this is the elephant in the room in terms of this murder epidemic. You would have to be blind, deaf and dumb and pretty deluded if you did not recognize that the majority of these murderers and indeed the victims are black and of African descent. 

    It cannot and is not racist to point this out and we will never solve this problem if we tread on politically correct eggshells. I am not in a way suggesting that there are not members of our indigenous population who resort to violence but we have to face facts that unlimited, unfettered and largely un-vetted immigration has led to these problems.

    But no Amber Rudderless would rather restrict my ability to buy a knife or some drain cleaning fluid than actually confront these communities and tell them some home truths.

    Amber Rudd’s paper-thin proposal to tackle these crimes was further undermined today when it was revealed that two-thirds of the so-called “child” refugees were actually liars and over the age of 18.

    Need I remind you that the Parson Green Tube bomber, Ahmed Hassan, who made a bomb on his foster parents’ kitchen table was one of these men-children. Do you also remember that every social justice warrior from JK Rowling through Gary Lineker to Lilly Allen told us we had a duty to take in and that if we objected and refused we were at best heartless intolerant bigots and at worse racists. 

    So now Mrs. May our glorious Leader is back, well she is in Stockholm actually, but never the less she has now rediscovered her voice. However, does she use it to assume control of the domestic agenda?  Does she hell as like, instead she is strutting the world stage like a Donald Trump “Mini Me” saying that “she will hold to account” those responsible for the chemical terror attack in Syria. I wonder if she will now be so vocal about the Israeli attack?

    Regardless and at the risk of sounding like a little Englander, I would rather my Prime Minister was prioritizing the threat to my family’s security in the UK at this precise moment in time. As we all know, the first duty of any Government is and must be the protection of its citizens but May and this Government seem to have forgotten this.

    Maybe that is why we have been subjected to this procession of deluded dullards spinning their yarns like out of control Comical Ali propagandists whilst Saint Theresa has been walking up mountains?

    They know and she knows that actually the buck stops with her. 

    It was she, as Home Secretary, that cut the Police by 20 thousand, it was she who cut the Border Force and Immigration Service, it was on her watch that the “men” boys were allowed in to the country. Finally, it was on her watch that the Police had to blow away an armed man on the streets of London in the early hours of this morning.

    This Government is clearly not fit for purpose and we need change.  But then I look at the alternative and I see Jeremy Corbyn as PM, John McDonnell as Chancellor and the “human calculator”, Diane Abbot as Home Secretary and I despair for my country’s future.

    The views and opinions expressed by Jon Gaunt are those of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.
    Alleged Poisoning Attack on Russian Ex-Spy Skripal in UK (226)


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