03:12 GMT21 April 2021
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    2020 Coronavirus Outbreak (496)
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    The COVID-19 novel coronavirus has affected the United States on a notable level, as markets experienced substantial losses due to fears and uncertainties. Despite that and rather than focusing his efforts on calming the American public, US President Donald Trump appears to be more concerned about promoting his favorite TV network, Fox News.

    Calming Coronavirus

    The United States has experienced a rampant increase in cases of COVID-19 after the coronavirus: at least 972 US cases have been confirmed, and several Republican lawmakers who recently came into contact with the US president have self-quarantined themselves as a precaution. 

    The commander-in-chief, however, has chosen to concentrate his efforts on touting the ratings of his mouthpiece, Fox News, saying he doesn’t need to take a test because he feels “extremely good.”.

    Trump tweeted Tuesday about the ratings for “Fox & Friends” and how the program “blew away the competition of Morning Joke,” referring to “Morning Joe” on Democratic-leaning MSNBC. 

    While the US and global economies are suffering as a result of coronavirus fears and oil price declines, and countries across the globe work to stem the spread of the disease, the leader of the free world prioritizes influencing the public on which news network to watch.


    2020 Coronavirus Outbreak (496)


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