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    Lookin' for Outlaws in All the Wrong Places

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    The Trump administration is preparing a so-called Kremlin dossier - a list of high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reports. It is expected that the document will be presented to the US Congress before the end of January.

    Lookin' for Outlaws in All the Wrong places

    If someone's name happens to appear on the list it wouldn't mean the automatic introdution of sanctions, but increases the likelihood of such actions, Kommersant wrote. For example, many American and European banks may decide that once a certain person is on the list, it's too risky to deal with this individual and will refuse to cooperate with him/her.

    READ MORE: Strengthening of Sanctions to Be Overwhelming Risk for Russia-US Ties — Kremlin

    In an interview with Kommersant, Atlantic Council expert Daniel Fried, who also served as the State Department's Coordinator for Sanctions Policy, said that this dossier should be targeted and (not a mass) list of "bad guys."

    In August, Trump signed into law a new package of sanctions against certain sectors of the Russian economy. The document, in particular, suggests that within six months after its adoption, Congress will discuss the possibilities of expanding the already existing restrictive measures.

    In 2014, relations between Russia and the West deteriorated over Moscow's alleged involvement in the Ukrainian conflict and Crimea's reunification with Russia. The European Union has imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia's energy, banking, and defense sectors, among others, as well as on a number of Russian officials. Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusations and introduced a set of countermeasures in response to the restrictions.

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