10:51 GMT +316 October 2018
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    Theresa the Avenger

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    British Prime Minister Theresa May has thrown down the gauntlet in a war of words with Russia, which she labeled a "hostile state."

    Theresa the Avenger

    "We must also be open-eyed to the actions of hostile states like Russia, which threaten this potential and attempt to tear our collective strength apart," Theresa May said, speaking at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels.

    Her statement arrived amid a growing war of words between the UK and Russia. Last week, a series of anti-Russia articles appeared in the British media after May accused Russia of meddling in other states' affairs, spreading "fake stories" in the media and engaging in aggressive policies "to sow discord in the West." She promised to protect the West's interests if Russia continues on its current "path."

    Despite dour economic projections, Conservative infighting and her messy divorce proceedings with the EU, it seems that Theresa May has chosen to focus on doing battle with an illusory Russian threat, and puts her blind trust in an all-too-familiar credo — in any odd situation, blame Russia.

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