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    Two female spectators gaze at two Sukhoi Su-27 jets from the Russian Knights aerobatic team as they fly during an airshow in Iran's southern resort island of Kish on November 16, 2016

    Russia and Iran on a Verge of Establishing Own Aviation Market

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    Russian and Iranian cooperation in the field of aviation may result in the two nations creating their own aviation market which would be completely independent from any third party influence.

    Manouchehr Manteghi, head of Iran's Aviation Industries Organization, told Sputnik Persian that Moscow and Tehran may achieve significant results if they continue to further their cooperation in the aviation sector.

    "Iran and Russia could create an independent aviation market, allowing us to establish a strategic partnership. We know we both have the potential to do this, and we should keep working towards this goal," he said.

    He also remarked that Iran Air Show 2016, held on November 16-19 on the island of Kish, turned out to be more representative than the recent Berlin Air Show, "according to our Russian colleagues."

    Furthermore, a session of the High Commission of Technologic Cooperation between Iran and Russia was held during the show, co-chaired by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari. Among other things, the participants have outlined three avenues for further cooperation in the aviation industry, Manteghi announced.

    "The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys a very good position in the aircraft industry as well as in aviation science. We have a large number of companies specializing in research and development and working on the technological advancement of this industry. And it is important that our potential is properly recognized abroad," Manteghi said.

    He added that the knowledge of each other’s potential will allow Russia and Iran to further increase the volume of bilateral technological trade.

    "Russia is ranked 11th in the world in terms of technological development while Iran is ranked 9th. Imagine how powerful our cooperation could be and what results it could yield," Manteghi concluded.


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      If Russia is ranked 11th and has the most advanced planes,tanks,rockets and radar in the world and provides the US with rocket engines for space exploration then I would love to know who the 10 above them are? frankly I think that's very old data.
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      cast235in reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)

      Recall that Russia was abruptly tossed into a new financial system, it had no idea how it worked 25 years ago. Collapsed financially a few years after.
      Industries went ROT, because PUTIN made an agreement not to produce arms with U.S.. NAIVE MISTAKE. Without mentioning Gorbachev, and Yeltsin, that allow west advisors into make Russia live off resource based economy. All this creates this, as ALL was bought from E.U , U.S. Already made.
      Then ex Soviet states , went to NATO E.U and Russia had to improvise. That takes time.
      Today Russia still on the import replacement.
      Been 11th is a DEPP HONOR, for a country with so many shocks.
      Give it 5 to 10 years, and see Russia moving higher up.
      ACADEMIA also suffered in those years. But now is recuperating and how.
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      This is good for both countries,. But they want REGIME CHANGE in IRAN. Russia MUST defend it's interests. Send NGO'S to IRAN. They can protect the government from that .
      They can dedicate themselves to social problems and NOT political frames, unless they actually do good to the governments.

      There should be an alliance , perhaps CSTO. KSOR and RATS.
      Civilian aviation is different.
      And get into the OIL GAS in IRAN.
      THIS will help both countries GREATLY and add stability to the region.
      Imagine Russia with a base in IRAN. Is POSSIBLE, Constitutions change daily.
      A CSTO bases with KSOR , RATS will keep terrorists away, INTEL will gradually grow, Border protection for IRAN would increase. NO ONE will be so STUPID as to jump IRAN with that mess in there. Then modernize IRAN. By the time IRAN get SU 30's the newest model will be OUT!! That could tackle F15's and what not. Maybe even F35 and F 22.
      IRAN with SU 30 next gen, could protect against anything. MIG 35 could be a great companion. It will be able to tackle F35 apparently. But is way too much as is to be T 50 companion. Meaning it MUST tackle the best in the world.
      T90's are still getting modernization. They talk all they want. But who can overlook the U.S surprise when they were sent to Saudi. The BEST the west have was in awe and shock. As the little thing was firing from distances they thought it was unreal.
      And tackled the dunes like a pro.

      In civilian this could lead to new industries. Russia MUST learn to produce ALL in civilian aircraft. Including interior designs . As sanctions may get Pirinfarina out of Russia. So is BEST to have own. It could be based on all countries inside Russia. Like bring IRANIAN'S to it. To help design interiors for mid east. This will create colors features, that are more appealing to mid east customers.
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      Russia 11th? I think they're further up. But if Putin didn't come along, Russia would be 30th, or worse.
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      "Russia is ranked 11th in the world in terms of technological development while Iran is ranked 9th.

      Ha Ha. Iran is higher than Russia. What a nonsense.
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