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    Russia, Turkey to Raise Blue Stream Annual Volume to 19Bln Cubic Meters

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    Russia and Turkey have agreed to increase the flow of gas through the Blue Stream pipeline from 16 billion cubic meters to 19 cubic meters annually, according to a Gazprom statement published Wednesday.

    Updated 3:44 p.m. Moscow Time

    MOSCOW, October 1 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and Turkey have agreed to increase the flow of gas through the Blue Stream pipeline from 16 billion cubic meters to 19 cubic meters annually, according to a Gazprom statement published Wednesday.

    “An agreement was reached to load the Blue Stream pipeline to its maximum with Russian gas to provide for the growing current demands of Turkish consumers,” the Russian gas giant said in the statement.

    The Blue Stream is the main gas pipeline carrying gas from Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea. It is part of the gas transmission corridor between the two countries running through the territories of Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. The pipeline was constructed by a joint venture of Gazprom and Italian corporation Eni. Currently, the pipeline's full capacity is 16 billion cubic meters of gas annually, according to Gazprom.

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