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    GENEVA/MOSCOW, JULY 15, (RIA Novosti) - Geneva is to host a session of the working group for admitting Russia into the World Trade Organization (WTO) July 15-16.

    The group's members are to hold their informal consultations July 15, subsequently gathering for an official session July 16.

    The Russian delegation is headed by Maxim Medvedkov, director of the national Economic Development and Trade Ministry's trade-talks department.

    Talking to RIA Novosti some time ago, Medvedkov noted that the working group will examine the last 13 sections of the second version of the concluding report, which deals with Russia's projected WTO membership.

    At the same time, the Russian delegation is holding yet another round of bilateral and multilateral talks (as regards access to commodity-and-service markets) in Geneva.

    Talking to RIA Novosti, people at the Russian Economic Development and Trade Ministry's press center said that the Russian delegation will hold more than 20 bilateral conferences and talks in Geneva during the next seven days; all these events will be organized within the framework of the afore-said working group's session. Among other things, members of the Russian delegation will negotiate with Japanese, US, Canadian and Georgian representatives.

    Russia's trade partners are concerned over specific issues pertaining to the application of the new Customs Code, the calculation of customs costs and the operation of freight terminals, a spokesperson for the Russian Economic Development and Trade Ministry's press center noted.

    In this connection, bilateral talks will focus on those specific provisions of the working group's report that deal with customs-clearance issues, foreign-trade licenses and the protection of intellectual property on Russian territory.

    The Russian side hopes that the working group will start finalizing its report, after this session winds up.

    This report may serve as sufficient grounds for completingtalks on all comprehensive issues (such as bringing Russian legislation and law-enforcement practice in conformity with WTO standards) during Russia's admission into the WTO, the Russian Economic Development and Trade Ministry's press center noted in conclusion.

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