02:04 GMT30 November 2020
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    Some of the theories regarding the possible nature of the flying object involved it being a fireball or perhaps a piece of space debris seen during reentry.

    A peculiar light display in the night sky above China got quite a few people scratching their heads and wondering what exactly they saw, the Daily Mail reports.

    According to the newspaper, the object in question got spotted on 30 October by onlookers in the ity of Shuangyashan, located in the Heilongjiang Province, with a footage recorded by one spectator and depicting a "bright dot beaming in a shade of yellow, followed by a trail of what seemed to be flames" sweeping across the sky emerging on Chinese social media.

    ​The strange object remained visible for about a minute and a half, before suddenly disappearing, one eyewitness reportedly said.

    Even though some netizens went on to speculate whether they witnessed a UFO, some experts suggested that it could've been a fireball, a brighter-than-usual meteor.

    "It might seem that [the light] looked like a visitor from outer space, but it's still very confusing", said Liu Chuanhao, secretary-general of Heilongjiang Provincial Astronomical Society. "But its speed was not as fast as the average fireball meteors, so we need to look into it further".

    He also remarked that the light display in question might've being a product of space debris reentering Earth's atmosphere, the newspaper adds.

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