10:43 GMT08 July 2020
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    The female golden retriever named Hu Hu passed away last week after battling with ovarian cancer. She was eight years old.

    A Chinese woman, devastated by the loss of her favourite pet - a golden retriever Hu Hu - is looking to have her cloned.

    The woman, 23-year-old Li Xiaoling, made a request to the Sinogene cloning company in Beijing. The procedure will cost 250,000 yuan or €41,000

    “I was very attached because she was my companion and gave me so much comfort in my life. So although it’s expensive, she’s worth it," Li said as quoted by Chinese media.

    The experts will duplicate the cells taken from the dog's thigh within a week and will then implant the cloned embryos into surrogate mother dogs.

    Earlier this year, the company successfully cloned Garlic, a two-year-old British Shorthair cat, marking the first time that Sinogene had managed to clone a feline.

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