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    Recognised for having an immense cathartic effect on troubled people, crying at the end of the year was found to be a good way to say goodbye to 2018.

    New Delhi (Sputnik): The Healthy Crying Club of Surat, a city within the western state of Gujarat, organised a crying programme on Sunday, encouraging attendees to let go of their inner emotions and attain tranquillity through unabashed crying at a temple in the Bhatar area in the city, reports ANI.

    The theme of the crying programme was "Ansu and Muskan" meaning "Tears and Smile".

    "People discover a reason for laughter when are done with their crying. We have so much pent up, stuffed in, and unexpressed feelings within us that it becomes necessary for us to provide a way for them to obtain a release", said Kamlesh Masalawala, a laughter therapist and the organiser of the club.

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    Citing the main aim of his club, Kamlesh says that a healthy heart is what they are trying to achieve.

    "Only if our heart is healthy can then our minds and bodies be healthy", added Kamlesh.

    Crying will also prevent heinous crimes due to depressive mental states in people, he added.

    When asked about the theme of the club, Kamlesh opines that tears and smiles are both nature's gift to human beings and hence they both should be used within the contexts of our lives.

    "If a person does not cry when there arises a need for it, one would continue to remain in a stressful state under tensions and depression. It is after crying that people get a reason for laughter", Kamlesh reiterated.

    One participant, Parul Parekh, talked about the benefits that the crying club had brought to her life. "I was sad about the condition of my son and was finding myself unable to cry at home. After attending the crying club I feel very relaxed", she said. Likewise, her club compatriot Jigna Dave found relief from her loneliness and other pent-up emotions.

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    The ANI report quoted Sarika Ganjawala, another participant, saying, "Being a housewife and a working woman brought a high amount of stresses in my life. Now that I've cried them out, I am feeling relieved as if all the stresses of the last one year have dissipated. I have no stress now. I hope the New Year will be good for me".


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