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    Visitors discuss in front of Defence Research & Development Organization's Akash medium range surface to air missile system, at the DefExpo-India 2010 , in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010

    China Likely to Pressure Vietnam to Stop Supply of India-Made Akash Missiles

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    Vietnamese ruling party’s leader Nguyen Phu Trong is likely to be under pressure during his visit to China over an agreement on supply of India's Akash medium-range mobile surface-to-air missiles between New Delhi and Hanoi, according to media reports.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — China is likely to exert pressure on Vietnamese ruling party’s leader Nguyen Phu Trong in order to undermine an agreement on supply of India's Akash medium-range mobile surface-to-air missiles between New Delhi and Hanoi, Indian media reported Wednesday.

    On Thursday, Nguyen is expected to arrive in China to discuss regional security. Ahead of the visit, Chinese media affiliated with the country's authorities reported that India's attempts to enhance military ties with Vietnam could undermine stability in the region.

    The Times of India newspaper reported that during the visit the Vietnamese official would be under pressure in the issues of potential purchase of Indian military equipment, including the Akash missiles.

    India and Vietnam have been stepping up military cooperation recently. In September, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Vietnam for a two-day visit, during which New Delhi agreed to provide Hanoi with a credit line worth $500 million allocated for the country's defense needs.

    The Akash missile, which is almost entirely Indian-made and developed, has been in production since 2009. Akash is capable of striking aerial targets at altitudes of up to 18,000 meters (11.1 miles) and at distances up to 18 miles away. It can destroy both aircraft and other missiles.


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      Mike Datillo
      Now the Chinese are getting a taste of their own medicine. India should supply nuclear technology, advanced submarine technology to Vietnam and also fund the Ulgirs. The Chinese are the biggest terrorist state in the world. The naked aggressor and main culprit to destabilize Asia. This country wiped out the portion of Tibetan race altogether, just like the Pakis tried to do in Bangladesh.
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      Crowbarin reply toMike Datillo(Show commentHide comment)
      Mike Datillo, The missiles will destabilize the region ?? China has done that by threatening all its neighbors even scaried little funny guy in Philippines to be their friend .They threatened Japan and Australia among others even threatening US carrier groups with nuclear weapons. Maybe time like you said to give them nuclear technology as I have been saying that SK and Japan need to become nuclear powers to balance the bullieing by China of all it's neighbors also the Philippines were scared they gave up their Islands to China. They are planning now to close down SCS to anyone they want too!! I say we shut down Indian Ocean to the vital oil emports to keep them running also close the Pacific to Chinese ships and all trade in and out stopped. They have stolen a whole sea that belongs to everyone it's international water yet China claims a whole sea we should do the same and make sure nothing in or out of SCS!! But very good comment and Vietnam needs to set out its antiship batteries.As they are looking to take anything they can from helpless nations. Yes on nuclear weapons and much,much more!!!!
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