04:01 GMT +322 September 2017
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    Seoul Pledges to Free North Koreans From 'Tyranny' After Missiles Fired

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    Amid reports that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has placed North Korea’s nuclear weapons on full alert after the country launched short-range missiles, the South Korean leader promised to do whatever it takes to free North Koreans from Pyongyang “tyranny.”

    President Park Geun-hye pledged to end Kim Jong Un’s oppressive regime and bring back “freedom and human rights” to North Koreans, the same day North Korea made its nuclear alert announcement, UPI reported.

    The North Korean leader has reportedly ordered Pyongyang's nuclear weapons to be fully operational and prepare for "pre-emptive attacks."

    Prior to the order, North Korea launched six short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan. According to local Channel A, all of the objects fell into the sea after traveling 60 to 90 miles.

    South Korean President Park stated that missiles are the main weapons Kim uses to retain power. She pledged to set the nation free from Pyongyang’s "reckless nuclear program."

    To achieve this goal, she continued, South Korea will support all measures by international powers to stop the North Korean regime.

    In particular, Seoul welcomed harsh new sanctions imposed by the UN  on Pyongyang, and the shutting down of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, normally run by both countries as a collaborative business.

    According to UPI, Kim may have launched the short-range projectiles in response to the new sanctions imposed against his country. Another explanation is that, by firing the missiles, the DPRK is demonstrating its military capabilities on the eve of South Korea-US joint military drills, scheduled to begin March 7.


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