12:08 GMT +325 February 2017
    A North Korean long-range rocket is launched into the air at the Sohae rocket launch site in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang February 7, 2016.

    North Korea Forms New Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Unit - Reports

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    North Korea has formed a new military unit to deploy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), South Korean media cited its government sources as saying Sunday.

    TOKYO (Sputnik) – US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said this week Pyongyang expanded the size of its ballistic missile forces to include KN-08 road-mobile ICBM.

    North Korea has now established the so-called KN-08 Brigade under its Strategic Forces, multiple unnamed sources told the Yonhap news service.

    The move indicates that Pyongyang has "inched closer to fielding the road-mobile ICBM."

    Experts assess KN-08 has range of at least 6,200 miles.

    The KN-08 system was first unveiled at an April 2012 military parade commemorating the 100th birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung.

    Last Sunday, North Korea launched a three-stage rocket that placed a small satellite into orbit.

    Although Pyongyang said its launch was part of a peaceful effort to explore space, the technology of the rocket was nearly identical to those used by North Korea to deliver nuclear weapons.


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    • Kim Jong-un needs full support of Russia against a common enemy.

      *** Free Viktor Bout and All Pro-Russians, tortured, missing, murdered and or falsely imprisoned, in USA and NATO Secret Prison Axis, Account For All, Remember and Lawfully Avenge All Forevermore.***
    • A = π r 2
      if the purpose of their rocket program was ever in doubt before, they've broadcasted it loud and clear now
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      elsa.zardiniin reply toA = π r 2(Show commentHide comment)
      ultravi01et, Well, the US and South Korea did based on "multiple unnamed sources".
    • A = π r 2in reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, CIA dezinformatsiya
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      Wow! Anti-North Korea propaganda on Sputnik just like every one else. Your last sentence is a doozy. "the technology of the rocket was nearly identical to those used by North Korea to deliver nuclear weapons."

      When has North Korea ever delivered a nuclear weapon, much less use a rocket to do it? Subtle propaganda at it's best.
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