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    UKIP Member: 'Corbyn Will Lose Seats in Any General Election That’s Called Any Time Soon'

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    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has finally agreed to back British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to hold a general election in December. UKIP’s Graham Eardley expressed his opinion on this matter.

    Sputnik: Will Jeremy Corbyn lose the next general election?

    Graham Eardley: I think Jeremy Corbyn will lose seats in any general election that’s called any time soon. His party is down in the polls, the Liberal Democrats seem to be rising in the polls in the areas where remain was prevalent in the referendum of June 2016 and in areas that are leave areas, the Conservatives and Brexit Party seem to be rising in the polls.

    I think Corbyn is only going along with holding a general election to save face with the public because he’s always been demanding an election.

    Sputnik: What can Labour do to become electable once again?

    Graham Eardley: They need to go and listen to their own party members. There’s been enough disquiet in Labour on various issues including issues regarding anti-Semitism that saw MPs quitting the party and calling out Jeremy Corbyn, and also you have lots of disquiet within his own party about this confusing stance taken on whether they are a leave or remain party.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s head is quite clearly being called for by a number of his current MPs and a number of past members; unfortunately, though, he retains a great deal of union backing and it is the unions that are providing the funds for the Labour Party.

    Sputnik: Will the UK finally leave the EU in January 2020?

    Graham Eardley: The only way that we are going to get Brexit delivered is if there is a complete change in the makeup of parliament. I would say that a deal where we completely leave the EU on WTO terms would be best, but that is dependent on what a new parliament looks like.

    If according to polls the Conservatives get through; Boris Johnson is still adamant on delivering his deal, that is just Brexit in name only in my opinion.

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